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LOS BARRILES - Recycling Efforts

It's wonderful that our community has such a great commitment to recycling - thanks for being a part of it and for your commitment to our planet earth. Here at the East Cape RV Resort we are pleased to be participating in the recycling effort; our own 'case study' proved that our RV Resort guests and permanentes cut down the trash going to the landfill by almost 1/2 through their recycling efforts. That's an incredible amount of glass, plastics, paper, aluminum that is being recycled and staying away from our 'basurera'! Collecting and processing recyclables from the East Cape community happens on the first Thursday of the month, and they should be delivered between 9 am and 11 am. Until the first Thursday of the month, East Cape residents should keep their recyclables at their homes. We look forward to seeing you on our next recycle day, Thursday, December 2. If you have a few minutes, even an hour on that day to help separate and prepare recyclables as they are loaded onto the truck, please bring some gloves and join the fun! If you have any more questions or comments, any ideas you have or ways to make our process even better, please drop us an email at

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