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MONEY - ATM Theft in San Jose del Cabo

Information Courtesy Baja Pony Express Submitted by Susie

I wanted to write and let you know of a problem that has hit a number of people in the San Jose area. Someone or a group of people are stealing your ATM card information along with your pin number when you use the ATM machine at Mega and Soriana. It is believed that they are either slipping a devise into the card slot to capture all information or attaching a device to the side of the machine.

Just this week our card information was captured at Soriana's ATM and within two days they were able to steal $4,000 from our account in California. I have talked with two other people; one losing $1,000 and the other thousands within one day after using the ATM at Mega. While our banks may replace the funds to our accounts, it is not without having to complete a lot of paper work and stress. In all cases, none of the banks can explain why the banks were not alerted to the increased activity of the cards (as many as 10 per day) or why transactions were allowed over the daily bank limit. 

It has been recommended that we only use the ATM machines at the bank as they monitor their machines throughout the day to prevent any theft. Susie

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