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MONEY - Mexican Wills

This is a followup to your Mexico Living June 2010 issue article about Mexican wills.
Submitted by Jack Ragsdale of San Felipe BC Mexico

I just completed the process and am pleased to say it was painless, easy, fast, and cost effective. Total cost is around $350 USD per person.

I started the process thru Lupita Mora in San Felipe and she works with Notario #14 Arturo Corella in Mexicali; both of them speak excellent English. Lupita's office is on the airport road between Pisos paint & tile and California Optical, phone 577-0178.

The process involves a submitting a statement of what assets are to be addressed in the will. In my case it was rather simple because all that is involved is the land and house and only my name is on the title; if two names are on the title then two wills are necessary-they can be done in two separate actions if desired. I gave Lupita the 'title' documents I have from the property purchase for the legal description and added the house and contents. I also gave her the information about the heir, alternate heir, and executor(s). 

She has this information translated and provides it to the Notario for inclusion in the Mexican will draft document. After the draft document was completed we met with the Notario in Mexicali to review the draft and make corrections as needed. Since the official will is in Spanish, it was necessary to have 2 certified translators confirm that the English and Spanish versions are the same. 

This one meeting in Mexicali included me, the Notario, Lupita, 2 translators, and 2 witnesses; it took about an hour to review  the draft, complete the official document, confirm the translation, and get all signatures. That was it!  The official document is filed in the Notario Archives with copies to me, the Notario, and Lupita.

Cheers, Jack Ragsdale

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