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The Baja California Magazine cover photo is Robin Waters and Hal “Paco” Clark, taken with Robin’s camera by a vendor at the Cabo San Lucas Marina area. The young lion is about 4 months old, and was helping to raise funds for WILD CABOS to build a reservation area to preserve animals in/or danger of extinction. Robin cuddled up close for the shot, and said, “the lion was quite strong, so I let Hal hold it”.

Originally from Palm Springs, they're no strangers to warm summers, but wanted to be to retire near the water. When they visited San Felipe and saw the Sea of Cortez by the desert, “we loved it and were hooked”. says Robin.

In May 2002, they bought a lot in El Dorado and made the move, today they have a beautiful home in Las Playas de San Felipe overlooking the sea of Cortez and the marina and couldn’t be happier.

When Robin was asked “How do you feel about life in Baja?, she replied: “We wonder why, unless you have oodles of money, anyone would retire anywhere else. Paco is forever trying to decide if he should go salt water fishing, play golf, star watching in clear Baja skies, or work on his gear for Baja racing. Where could you do all that in one place? I would be a home body with my art wherever I was, but the sun rises and sea, plus the flavor of Mexico are the muse to this artist. We rise every morning to enjoy the sunrise together over a cup of coffee on our terrazza. Baja is the Best!” In January Paco and Robin will enjoy their 11th anniversary together and 8 years living the Baja Good Life.

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