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PEOPLE & VOICES -Terry's Amazing Journey

When Terry was brought into the refugio he was almost blind yet someone adopted him; they didn't want any of the cute puppies, this time they picked Terry who was always overlooked in the past...
A letter from his adopter:
As you know Terry, now Barclay, has only partial sight. We are lucky in Calgary to have one of the best canine Ophthalmologists in Western Canada. I took Terry to see him as I wanted to make sure that those cloudy eyes were not painful. Terry was diagnosed with Corneal Edema which can be treated over a 3 week period. Terry has regained 80 percent of his sight in his right eye and about 20 percent in his left. The eyes will never be cured, just improved. We can however, keep them at this level of improvement with an ongoing treatment. The sad thing is if he had been treated when the clouding started it could have been fixed for about a penny a day.
Thank you all for rescuing, then allowing me to adopt Terry because, he is amazing. That first evening I thought might be a bit rough on him, but no, he settled in as if he had always lived here. We both got a good night's sleep - him in a nice soft dog bed next to mine, so we were off to a great start. Terry's house manners are wonderful. He does not have any bad habits at all, which I must say surprised me. He just loves people and is so happy to see them. He never barks, the tail just wags and wags. In fact, he does not bark very often, but when he does you can tell his throat had been hurt at some time. He spends his time following me around the house, racing around the back yard, going for walks or cuddling on the couch. When I have to go out, I trust him to behave which he does, I am retired so I'm home most of the time, however, when I do go out I trust him to behave and he does. The only thing he ever does is - if there are any shoes at the front door, he will pile them all up in the middle of the room. He has never damaged one. After doing that, he takes up the position of sitting on the chair by the door to wait. He thinks he owns all the chairs and takes turns choosing which one he is going to sit in, so they are all hairy. Oh well, who cares when you have a wonderful companion like him. A week after arriving, I took him to a friend who is a groomer and she bathed and clipped his nails. Again he behaved perfectly as he did at the Ophthalmologist's who said he wished all his patients were this well behaved.

To you all, Thank You for all the wonderful work you do with these poor, abandoned dogs. Also a big thank you to all the Calgary Pawsitive Match volunteers for all their help and support. You have all given me a forever friend and I am very grateful. We truly are a Pawsitive Match.

Sincerely, Althea - Calgary, Alberta
Info provided by Baja Dogs La Paz

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