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PUNTA BANDA - Thanks for the Supporting the Fire Department

Thanks for the Support!

I want to thank everyone who attended the Fire Department Dinner Nov. 15, 2010 at the Salon. What a fabulous community we have!!! We had a great crowd and I am quite sure that all those who were able to attend had a great time. Not only were you showing support for the Fire Department but for La Sociedad as well in their efforts to provide Christmas baskets for many Mexican families.

Also a special thanks goes to the many who helped put this together--the 3 different kitchen crews and those who helped set up and clean up--many with out being asked, they just did it. We had servers and others who took care of anything they were asked to do. We also had flowers at the table, music in the air, those who sold tickets, shirts and drinks. We have several people who shopped for us in the states and in Mexico. Then there were those who offered donations to help with expenses when the fridge went out and we lost some of the ingredients. Wow!!! Thank you everyone!!!

We had 8 firefighter show up late for dinner because they were out on a call. They came and enjoyed their meal and took extra dinners to the fire station for those who couldn't make it. After we were home, we heard the siren about 8:15 and off they went again--a huge thanks to all of the volunteers for all they do!!!!!!!

How lucky we are to live in Punta Banda!!! Claire and Steve Eversole

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