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ROSARITO BEACH - Home Made Pies from La Bamba

Thanksgiving is just around the corner - order your pies now! I'll do pumpkin, pecan, apple, blueberry, cherry, or just about anything else you can name - but please make sure to order in time! You can stop by, e-mail or call, but please place all Thanksgiving pie orders by Monday, November 15th. We appreciate your business and want ample time to make sure that we have the proper supplies on hand and that each pie is planned and crafted with our own brand of La Bamba TLC.
Did you know that we give refunds?? For used jam jars, that is! Many of you love our hand-crafted jam and buy jars to enjoy at home - but you may not know that we will buy the jars back from you! Bring back any clean jar from our jam (don't need the lids - just the jar) and we'll give you fifty cents. Home canning was one of the earliest forms of "recycling" glass - and we love to keep the tradition alive. Each jar you return can be sterilized and re-used!

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