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ROSARITO BEACH - Honoring Mayor Hugo Torres

The Rosarito Beach Christian Church on Sunday honored outgoing Mayor Hugo Torres for security gains and other improvements during his three years in office.
"It is our privilege this morning to honor a man who has provided us with three years of good government," elder Richard Johnson told the congregation which is composed largely of expatriates.
Johnson added: "We have witnessed public safety and the judicial system be greatly strengthened."
Torres at the service was presented with a Spanish language Bible by church member Tom Ward, as well as a donation to the Rosarito Boys and Girls.
Torres told the congregation that he had visited every Rosarito school twice during his time in office. Education and programs such as the Boys & Girls Club are vital to building a strong city, Torres said.
The outgoing Mayor also cited the role of religion in improving a community by strengthening values and thanked church members for their contributions to the city.
Under Torres' leadership, more than 60 percent of city police were replaced even as the force was expanded. Crime declined 21 percent in 2009 and is down an additional 14 percent this year, to the lowest level ever recorded.
He told church members of the difficulties in accomplishing this and gave much of the credit to Director of Public Safety Jorge Montero, an army captain on leave. Montero survived an early assassination attempt to go on to direct reform efforts.
Torres said he also received personal death threats as the city cracked down hard and made it clear it was committed to eliminating corruption and organized crime.
"This is the way it should continue," Torres said. "We have not finished the work."

Info provided by The Rosarito Town Crier
Image: San Diego Magazine

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