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ROSARITO BEACH - November Features

Rosarito Beach November Features Include Half-Marathon,
Lobster Season, Thanksgiving
Turkeys won't be the only things running this month in Rosarito. On Nov. 7 runners will participate in the traditional half-marathon from downtown Rosarito to the famous Puerto Nuevo Lobster Village.
The picturesque 21-kilometer race traces a coastal route as beautiful as it is challenging. Further details are available by visiting or calling 1-800-962-2252.
And while at Puerto Nuevo, runners --- as well as others --- might want to sample world famous Puerto Style-lobster.
Served with tortillas, beans and rice, the tasty crustacean is prepared in a style that has become widely known and has grown the once-tiny fishing village to a something akin to a Lobster Disneyland, featuring more than 30 restaurants.
And here's a piece of trivia you can use to amaze your friends, perhaps even ones that have often visited the village about 12 miles south of Rosarito. Puerto Nuevo took its name from a Newport cigarette sign that once was a landmark for the area.
Even though it's fresh lobster season, some people's tastes in November run to a different meal: turkey with all the trimmings. And you'll find that in Rosarito too.
Although Thanksgiving in not a traditional Mexican Holiday, with many U.S. tourists and American expat residents here it's easy to find the traditional meal. Places from the Rosarito Beach Hotel to road houses that cater to expats offer the holiday fare.
And there's always something special about celebrating a holiday in another country. With Rosarito a scenic 15-mile drive from the border, that's easy to do.
Speaking of celebrating holidays in another country, you might want to consider enjoying Mexican Christmas traditions --- including Posadas --- in Rosarito, while perhaps fitting in some great --- and less-crowded --- holiday shopping at great prices.
Rosarito also features some great New Year's Eves parties, including at many of its fine hotels. This time of year you might even get lucky and spot a few whales migrating to birthing grounds further south.
Details on these and other events --- as well as some great specials --- are always available on

Info provided by the Rosarito Town Crier

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