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SAN FELIPE - First Seasonal Fund Raiser for ZAPP, a BIG Success!

First Seasonal Fund Raiser for ZAPP, a BIG Success!
gayle laurie
Here's Gayle Gates, Laurie Braal & Sandi Flannigan
hanging out together. Looks like these three blonds
are having FUN!

We had a Great Crowd and an Equally Great Time!
The Pavilion at El Dorado Ranch did an outstanding job
once again presenting an awesome $1 per item buffet, as well as a
great staff to work with, and most of all thanks to both Cesar Quirarte
& Jorge' Libreros for their expert management skills,
and also kudos to Robbie, David and Polo.
We raised $3100+ for the Spay/Neuter Street Project.
More than 175 gorgeous items were donated from supportersall over the US and San Felipe, and not one item was left
on the silent auction tables after the event was over.
Everything Auction Coordinator Vickie Silva and her team,
including Heather, Rebecca, Juri Lynn and Donna displayed
sold for a really healthy amount and all the money goes to help reduce
our animal over population problem in San Felipe.
buffet jackie & joyce
Buffet BlackJack

We started with seven gambling tables,
and soon had to add even more because if there's
one thing folks in this town love is gambling,
and having a good time.
Local Musician Denny Flannigan with friends.
dusty & mike
Mike & Dusty Dennis took home arm loads of stuff
they won in the Silent Auction, including a Brand New Keyboard
donated by musician Denny Flannigan.

Unfortunately the Drag Queen portion
of the event fell apart!
We had promised six local Mexican cross dressing celeb look-a-likes
to appear and work as cocktail waitresses and hostesses,
but only two showed up---the other four got hung up somewhere
between Mexicali and San Felipe and never made an appearance.
Word has it, Christina Aguilera and Cher got sick!

We also had quite a snaffoo at the end of the day when we
closed the gambling tables and the winners and high rollers descended on us
and we couldn't quite handle the onslaught. But I promise, we learned
what never to do again. Thanks folks for being so forgiving. We can't tell you
how much we appreciated your patience and your understanding.

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