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SAN FELIPE - Sonshine Hacienda


There has been amazing progress made over the last few weeks at Sonshine Hacienda and everyday it is looking more and more like a home where children can begin life again in a safe and loving environment. So, just to bring you up to speed on the recent progress, we will run through a few of the tasks going on right now.

All of the tile work is complete on the first floor and by the time this goes to press we should be well along on the second floor tiling. The donation of pallet after pallet of tile by Les and Darlene Shaw of San Diego is a wonderful example of unselfish giving and we are humbled by their generosity.

On the interior front, “Jim the Plumber” (you will read more about him in this newsletter) and Paul went up to El Centro this past week to take advantage of a tremendous discount offered by Ferguson Supply and this next week Jim will begin setting plumbing finishes in the shower rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Lastly, all of the ceiling grid sys-tem has been installed and we’re just waiting for the volunteer electrician to get the lights con-nected and then we can install ceiling tiles throughout.

So, as you can see, we’ve been hard at work. But there is plenty left to do and this final push might be the toughest. We are facing steep costs for the electri-cal and water connections and we are praying that many of you will step up and help keep this miracle moving towards comple-tion. It is a testimony of some amazingly charitable hearts when you think about how much has been given for this awesome cause. We are almost there...but we need your continued prayers and help!