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5th Annual International Blues & Arts Fiesta Musician Spotlight ~ Libre

Musician Spotlight ~ Libre

5th Annual International Blues & Arts Fiesta is proud to announce that the spectacularly talented "Libre" joins our stage for the first time.  For more than 15 years the musicians of "Libre" have been discharging a fusion of Afro-Cuban rhythms, Latin Soul with a dash of Jazz, and topped off with Blues and Rock.  The magical music mixture is a fusion of flavors which energizes every audience, and at the risk of overstatement, regularly astonishes concert goers .  The Libre sound and performance chemistry is a trademark of this band, who must be heard to be believed.  And the personalities of the band members just shines in one of the best collaborative efforts going around these days.  Libre's powerful sound, haunting rhythms, and sophisticated delivery really must be experienced "live" to be understood.  Watch these postings for more information about "Libre".  

Save this date: Saturday, March 26, 2011.  On this weekend the 5th Annual International San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta will take the concert and visual arts experience to the next level.  The band line up and the visual artists will make for an unforgettable experience here in safe, friendly, and affordable San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico.  Located right on the Sea of Cortez, at the base of the color saturated mountains, the concert venue is near perfect.  The line up of bands is  guaranteed to be memorable.  And the convergence of visual artists is unprecedented in the Baja.    The San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta is sponsored by the local San Felipe Lions Club.  This premier fundraising event of the season directly supports our orphanage, vision services for children, and medical donations.  And we want you at the party.  Stay tuned for more...

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