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70 Baja Must Do's

Baja California offers 70 unique experiences that you can't miss.

  1. Visit "La Bufadora" the only marine geyser in North America.
  2. Travel the wine route, where 90 % of Mexico’s wine is produced.
  3. Experience of grey whale sightings in Ensenada.
  4. Visit the Ensenada seafood market, one of the largest in the country.
  5. Taste the traditional Ensenada fish tacos.
  6. Visit the Rivera Center of the Pacific, former Casino of the 1930s's.
  7. Visit the dunes.
  8. Live the harvest festival in August.
  9. Do the "canopy tour" in the "Las Cañadas"
  10. Eat shellfish or clams cocktail in any street cart, Riquísimos!
  11. Sip a beer in the historic Hussongs, canteen founded by English settlers.
  12. Delight yourself with pastries at the oldest French restaurant in Mexico "Rey Sol".
  13. Visit the only Cheese Cava in Mexico in the town of Real Castillo in Ensenada.
  14. Take a stroll in Ensenada Bay on a tour barge to see dolphins and sea lions.
  15. Surf; windsurf on San Miguel’s black sand beaches.
  16. Visit wineries corner of Santo Tomas in Ensenada.

  1. Eat typical Mexicali China food in restaurants in the hotel area.
  2. Try a refreshing "Clamato" in the aqueduct bar of the Hotel Lucerne where it was created.
  3. Visit the interactive museum Nino del Sol.
  4. Visit Guadalupe Canyon and enjoy their spring’s wells.
  5. Eat delicious frog legs in Rio Hardy.
  6. Walk down the street to close the 50 ° Celsius and then drink a beer Mexicali.
  7. Visit Laguna Salada and its extensive and endless plains

  1. Sample "The best" bread and take a bag of warm rolls home.
  2. Take the tour of the Tecate brewery and learn how this beer is brewed.
  3. Enjoy the view and the cuisine of the Asao restaurant.
  4. Enjoy over 100 ranches and spas found in Tecate.
  5. Experience one of the best Spas of the world in "Rancho La Puerta".
  6. Enjoy an ice cream sitting in the Tecate park.
  7. Visit the cave paintings in Vallecito, particularly that of the "Diablito" in spring.
  8. Take you a picture in the mountains of rock formation "La Rumorosa".
  9. Visit the old military barracks in Rumorosa, "The Alaska field".

  1. Eat traditional Lobster with beans, rice and flour tortillas Puerto new style.
  2. Eat tacos quail or deer in the "El Nido" restaurant wich raises its own live stock.
  3. Take a photo with Jack & rose of the famous "Titanic" movie in Xploration theme park.
  4. Go through the Entryway where "The most beautiful women of the world" have passed at Rosarito Beach Hotel.
  5. Take a motor bike ride at the dunes of Ejido Maztlan South of Rosarito.
  6. Visit the "art route" and take a souvenir home, a piece of rustic furniture or a painting rustic manufactured in Rosarito.
  7. Buy fresh seafood in the "Popotla" fishing village.
  8. Get a replica of a Spanish galleon in "Hotel Calafia".
  9. Participate in the Rosarito – Ensenada fun bike ride, one of the largest and most successful worldwide.

  1. "Walk on the sea" during low tides.
  2. Visit the Valley of the Giants and touch 16-meter cardones.
  3. Test the classic and delicious San Felipe shrimp.
  4. Practice OFF ROAD at the San Felipe dunes.
  5. Walk the stairs to 

  1. Enjoy the traditional Ceasar's salad created in Tijuana during the 30's.
  2. Visit Tijuana microbrewery and drink an ice cold "blond" or "pale" ale.
  3. Eat a washmobile torta(sandwich) a Tijuana classic.
  4. Visit El Popo market and purchase freshly made cheeses and Mexican candy.
  5. Eat delicious Tijuana style carne asada tacos at Las Ahumaderas,La ermita, hipodromo or Burritos Corona.
  6. Haggle with a merchant at Revolucion Avenue to buy a Mexican art or craft.
  7. Take the classic postcard photo with the Zebra-Donkey at the main street.
  8. Visit the L.A. Cetto winery cellars the biggest in Baja California.
  9. Hop on an ride the city tour and learn about the history and culture of Tijuana.
  10. Visit the Museum of Las Californias and the Cubo gallery at Tijuana Cultural Center the most important in Northwest Mexico.
  11. Visit Sala Anguiano,the only one with a permanent collection from painter Raul Anguiano.
  12. Sample the Baja-Med cuisine that combines the best Baja California products with Mediterranean cooking techniques.
  13. Visit the Hipodromo Caliente Casino, the largest in Mexico.


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