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HAPPY New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year everyone!
It’s time to do something different.
From John & Rachel Pack

With each new year, Rachel and I will write our annual todo list, which will have items we wished we had done and others we want to do. We’ll then share the list on Google Docs and either one of us will look over the others shoulder, or we’ll sit next to each other, each of us with our own laptop and discuss the list. Each year the discussion goes the same direction; we haven’t been anywhere really, and we work too hard for too little.

However this year, Rachel and I, after much review of of the Google Doc, decided we didn’t want to work less, we loved what we did and our needs are few; we are happy. So, it wasn’t really “we work too hard for too little”, but rather “we don’t work hard enough on what’s important”.

We decided that the most important things are quality of live and love. Of course, our magazine, the club and virtually everything we do, has been with these goals in mind, but we get sidetracked sometimes. This time, with quality of life and love in mind, we came up with a way to put a new spine on Baja and we want all of Baja to get involved.

We’ve all been fighting a battle against the lies and negative press being used by the US media to keep the dollar north of the border. Many have been scared away, however there are still thousands of Americans and Canadian visiting Baja every year, and we want you to help us reach them all.

On February 14th, Rachel and I are going to ride our bicycles from Rosarito Beach to Cabo San Lucas, we are encouraging everyone to join us, or participate in your local community ride. The ride is going to raise money for Baja kids, and also illustrate the immense improvements in the Baja highway system and show that Baja is a safe and welcoming destination.  More information about the Baja Love Ride in the January Edition.

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