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LORETO - Dec. 6th at El Caballo Blanco

Our Loreto book club has to be most loosely structured and flexible group in all of the North American continent! And we're proud of it! The "All Booked Up" book club will hold its first annual holiday party (and also our last meeting of 2010), on Monday, December 6th at El Caballo Blanco. Come about 3 pm (or earlier or later). We will discuss our last 2 authors and some of their books, then decide on future book selections and also set a date for the next meeting. There will be two empty for any books you would like to bring along and loan or swap, and the other for a Christmas exchange of cookies with their recipes. Both activities are, of course, optional. Refreshments and lots of good conversation will round out this meeting. members are always welcomed. Come join us!

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