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NEWS & POLITICS- Tourists are safe in Mexico

Tourists are safe in Mexico, Napolitano assures.
OTAY MESA, California (PH)

Due to the large media coverage of the violence acts and the war against drug trafficking in Mexico, the United States Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, assures that American visitors are safe in Mexico.

"Visiting Mexico now, by Americans who are reasonably prudent, they will be safe, we don't have information that indicates that American tourists are targets", Napolitano said during a press conference in the Otay Mesa cargo border gate.

"The only fear I have is someone getting caught, without warning, in the middle of a violence incident in Tijuana, but, I repeat, all indications are that people remain in the tourist zone and be careful, they don't have anything to fear", the Secretary added.

According to statistics given by the San Diego Police Chief, "we've only had two homicides and two kidnappings directly related to drug trafficking in the city in the last two years", William Lansdowne said to FRONTERA.

The same Police Chief Lansdowne is thankful that under the economic stimulus plan from President Obama, which destines an aid of 269 Million dollars for gate entrances to the nation, 20 million of that amount are specifically for the Otay Mesa border gate, he said, "they will be of great help even to our own elements".

Courtesy of Hotel Rosarito Beach

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