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ROAD REPORT - North to South

Road Report courtesy of Baja Western Onion
Crossing At Tecate - Greg recently asked about crossing at Tecate taking the free 2 vs taking 2D (toll). I have tried this part of the way (the first part) and it was just too many traffic lights so i got on 2D again, though it might have opened up from all the lights and traffic right after that. But just that section was nasty. If someone does take it all the way would be interested in that feedback. Just a reminder for others. For easy reference, the link is go to the section at the bottom, mexico, then travel then by land. Look for the one marker Tecate south. Here is the direct link which is harder to remember. Safe and enjoyable travels - Dean,, La Paz

Baja Road Report - The section of the main road under construction below Tecate is truly awful. I would avoid it completely if at all possible. Quicker to map your way through Otay Mesa or San Ysidro. Same is true for about 10 miles of the main road under construction through the mountains south of Ensenada. The recent rains turned part of the detours into a giant, car-sucking mud hole, with a single, passable lane at one point for quite a distance. Road workers were nowhere to be seen to help unsnarl the mess. Unfortunately, there may not be another way around this area, so you may just want to wait it out if it's been raining. - Alan,, Todos Santos

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