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ROSARITO BEACH - Named Gil Sperry a Rosarito Beach Goodwill Ambassador

Mariachi Promoter Gil Sperry Named
Rosarito Beach Goodwill Ambassador

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO---Mayor Hugo Torres presented Mariachi promoter Gil Sperry with a proclamation naming him a goodwill ambassador for the city.
Sperry earned the honor by his efforts to promote Rosarito and also to assist in fundraising for its Boys & Girls Club. Lat October he organized the first international mariachi festival in Rosarito, which raised $5,000 for the club.
Club president Rosy Torres, as well as the mayor and Sperry, were at Monday's presentation at City Hall.
The concert, which is scheduled to become an annual event, attracted an enthusiastic audience of close to 1,000 people and featured the Grammy-winning Mariachi Divas in their first public concert in Mexico.
The three-day event also featured competitions between mariachi and folkloric dance groups from the United States and Mexico.
Sperry, the author of Mariachi for Gringos and other books, said Monday that he would continue his efforts to bring excellent mariachi events to Rosarito, promote the city in the U.S. and assist the club as it works to raise $1.5 million.
Sperry is one of an estimated 14,000 expatriates with homes in Rosarito. In 2009 Cuba Gooding Sr., another of those 14,000 and singer of the 1970s hit Everybody Plays The Fool, also was named a goodwill ambassador for the city.

Info provided by The Rosarito Town Crier

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