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SAN FELIPE - Michele Lundeen

Blues & Arts Musician Spotlight ~ Michele Lundeen, "The Queen of Steam" Returns to Blues & Arts Fiesta Stage

Michele Lundeen, aptly dubbed "The Queen of Steam", returns to the ocean cooled, mountain framed stage venue for the 5th Annual San Felipe International Blues & Arts Fiesta scheduled for March 26, 2011. The premier regional fund-raising event is sponsored by the San Felipe Lions Club and promises that Michele's electrifying performance style will rock the house. The Blues & Arts Fiesta 2011 brings Michele and her incomparable style back to the best little town in the Baja, to join returning guests, and our new musical acts who guarantee to shake things up. Michele Lundeen is universally recognized as gifted interpreter of blues oriented songs. And her high energy performances tell the story of songs in a deeply emotional way that hits listeners right in the gut. Stirring vocals and her white hot stage presence visibly moves audiences everywhere. You must experience the earthy, bluesy, robust intensity of her style and evocative voice. Michele rivets her audiences with an artful blend of classic roadhouse rhythm & blues, jump swing, Memphis groove, sultry jazz, and rocky soul which simmers into a magical blues stew served in gigantic, satisfying portions. Michele's signature personal connection with the live audiences is palpable too. Humor, empathy, and that VOICE! Michele sings from the heart with a soul-revealing intensity rarely matched today, and evokes the very best comparisons with Joplin, Midler, and Raitt.

And Michele Lundeen's community involvement is in alignment with the reason for the Blues & Arts Fiesta productions. Her strong belief that music can have a dynamic impact on people's lives complements the show's mission of "Changing Lives Through Music and Art". Michele is a leader in the "Blues in Schools" workshop programs in San Diego which provide music instruction, music history presentations, and instills appreciation of the art form. Michele's love for music impacts people all year long, and on this one very special day, March 26, 2011, the exceptional showcase of all the musical talent will be the audience's common denominator to experience the universal binding effect of music and art. Michele sends you a personal invitation too, to come to safe, affordable, friendly San Felipe.

Sponsored by the San Felipe Lions Club, the Blues & Arts Fiesta showcases world class musicians and the visual arts in order to raise critical funding for local humanitarian work. Local recipients include schools, medical services, eye exam clinics, the new orphanage, and more. Funds go directly to those in need. The energy of the musicians, artists, audience, and all our supporters hits a critical mass that day in which we celebrate the very best in all of us. You just have to experience it once and you'll be hooked. Look for more weekly updates about the bands and artists. Make your plans now to come to the show. It all comes together March 26, 2011 in San Felipe, on the shimmering Sea of Cortez in the beautiful Baja. We want YOU to be part of the party of this year.

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