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Everything is coming together festively for the "SHOES & BLUES" Event for ZAPP on Today, December 6th, 1-5pm at RUMORS at Playa de Oro. DENNY FLANNIGAN & DEREK WILLE are the featured Artists, and Jim Manning and Juri Lynn will be there for backup vocals and guitar. Just donate all your resell-able men's or women's shoes, be it sport, dress, or casual to ZAPP's "SHOES FOR SPAYS" Program and get in FREE. All resell-able shoes will be turned into funds to support the program on eBAY. No Shoes to donate, just $10 for the show. RUMORS will be serving a special mid-Holiday Lunch and Hot Buttered Rum and Spiked Egg Nog, however, not included. The NEW full menu and bar will be available.
More info - Steven Forman,
686-190-3432 in San Felipe

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