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TODOS SANTOS - Friends of Hogar del Niño Report

Hogar del Nino A.C. has been caring for the needs of foster and orphaned children in Todos Santos now for over 5 months. The children come to Hogar del Nino through the government agency DIF and the children are from all over Southern Baja. Currently Hogar del Nino has 22 children in their care, ages 5 to 14. Joel Hernandez is the director along with his wife Alicia. The “Meals on Wheels” drive has been very successful and I want to thank many of you for preparing and bringing food to the children. We currently have volunteers bringing meals 2 times a week and welcome all who want to participate. The meals are greatly appreciated as food is the #1 priority. If you would like to participate please contact Lisa Welsch at or call 044-612-140-1414

Here are some of the ways in which you can give immediate help: Food and Staples Drive: Drop off any of these items to Coldwell Banker Riveras on the corner of Topete and Juarez (across from the Cultural Center)

Eggs, Boxed Milk, Chicken, Meat, Hamburgers, Hotdogs,

Cheese,Vegetables, Fruit, Rice, Flour, Sugar, Bread, Purified

Water, Candy, Pasta, Oatmeal, Canned Goods Etc. Etc.

Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Aluminum Foil, Tooth Paste, Soap,

Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap, Garbage Bags, Cleaning products

Etc. Etc.

Gasoline Vouchers from Pemex

Cash Donations are always welcome in taking care of the day-to-day

expenses. Make your cash donations to Hogar Del Nino A/C at:


US Dollar #0662765028

Peso Account # 0666456418

There will be a Christmas Party for the children of Hogar Del Nino as well as many children from the ranches and migrant farms on December 18th. Please drop off any type of gift before December 17th at Coldwell Banker. If you would like to help with Christmas gifts for the volunteers that live at Hogar Del Nino we have a list of names with their shoe size and clothing Friends of Hogar del Nino A.C. also have ways in which you can help with long term plans and goals through volunteer programs or donations. If you would like more information please contact Nancy Serfas: or Norm Weill at:

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