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WEATHER - Cold front to impact Mexico

Cold front No. 22, accompanied by a great mass of Arctic air, will bring winter conditions, including snow on the northern, central and western plateaus, and a steep drop in temperatures over a large portion of the country.

According to the National Weather Service (SMN), the country will still experience cold temperatures during mornings and nights and freezing temperatures during the day in the northeastern states. The Gulf of Mexico and the eastern isthmus area will also experience a drop in temperatures, although not as harsh. The SMN noted that in the southern and eastern regions of the country, and on the Yucatan peninsula, there will be moderate rain.

The government agency stated there is currently a strong wind current causing overcasting in the western, central and northeastern regions of Mexico. The skies will be cloudy in these areas, including the Pacific region, which, in spite of the overcast weather, will experience warm weather.

The SMN noted that the North Pacific area can expect clear, to cloudy skies, cold to freezing temperatures during the morning and warm temperatures during the day. The Central Pacific area can expect clear skies, and hot weather.

The Gulf of Mexico can expect cloudy skies, probable of rain, foggy weather in the Eastern Chiapas Sierra and cool to warm temperatures during the day.

The weather service stated that the Yucatán Peninsula can expect cloudy skies, a probability of rain and mild to hot temperatures.

The state of Campeche and its surroundings can expect cloudy skies, a probability of rain and mild to hot temperatures.

The Northern Plateau will experience cloudy skies, probability of rain, snowfall or sleet in higher areas, freezing temperatures during the morning and cool to mild temperatures during the day.

The Central Plateau should expect cloudy skies, fog, cold to freezing temperatures during the morning, and cool to mild temperatures during the day.

The highest temperature in the country on Sunday was 33 degrees Celsius in Acapulco and the lowest was -13 degrees Celsius in La Rosilla, Durango.

Moderate rain is expected in the states of Campeche, Chiapas, the State of Mexico, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, Tamaulipas, Veracruz and Yucatán, with drizzle in Chihuahua, Cohauila, Durango, Nuevo León, Oaxaca, Puebla, Zacatecas and Mexico City.

SAN FELIPE - V-Day at Rumors

SAN FELIPE - V-Day at Rumors
Time: February 14, 2011 from 10am to 11:45pm

Location: Playa de Oro - Rumors Bar & Grill
City/Town: San Felipe BC Mexico
Event Type: party

Organized By: Rumors Bar & Grill

Monday, February 14 at 6:00pm at Rumors Bar & Grill. NO COVER CHARGE! Special Dinner Menu (4 Dinner Options). Some Surprises & Music by Denny Flannigan! So Bring Your Sweetie!

SAN FELIPE - Musician Spotlight ~ 2011 Band Line Up!

Spotlight on 5th Annual San Felipe International Blues and Arts Fiesta Fiesta Music!
Mark your calendar for March 26, 2011! The 5th Annual San Felipe International Blues & Arts Fiesta proudly presents a stellar line up of bands guaranteed to rock the best little town in the Baja.
Agave Blues again graces the B&A stage with that down home blues & rock groove and musical ensemble magic which defines class and style. A multi-talented group hailing from San Felipe, this band has won numerous awards and headlined the “Ensenada Blues & Rock Fiesta”. Audiences always howl for more because the guitar solos soar, the beat never lets up, and the keyboard riffs kick ass. Also Agave Blues is the host band for the Blues & Arts Fiesta and the guys work hard to put out the welcome mat.
Javier Batiz, world renowned master guitarist and his hot band, hail from Tijuana, Mexico. Batiz’ legion of fans know, Javier doesn’t play stereotypical Latin music but rather delivers a pulsing and inclusive style which just burns up the stage. Known as the “Godfather of Mexican Rock”, the legendary Carlos Santana credits Batiz as the reason he decided to play guitar! Oozing charisma and charm, Javier Batiz marks his second appearance at Blues & Arts 2011 ~ and is back by popular demand.
Becki Sue & her Big Rockin' Daddies also return to our stage in San Felipe. Our friends from Seattle bring their Texas/Chicago style to deliver high energy Blues like nobody else. Becki Sue & the Daddies guarantee a GREAT stage show. Count on blazing guitar talent, smokin' sax and blues harp riffs, and powerful & sexy Becki Sue vocals. She sizzles along with two male vocalists & upright bass. The Becki Sue & her Big Rockin' Daddies band are steeped in a rich blues tradition, laced with plenty of startling originality.
Chet Cannon & the Committee happily return for a third appearance as musical artists Chet gets it done on stage showing a lifetime dedication to the blues scene, rich in tradition and new tunes too. Audiences know Chet's good time blues and swing rockin' boogie connects with appreciative audiences. Unforgettable shows every time. Also known for consistent humanitarian work, Chet & the Committee musical contribution is the gift that keeps on giving.
Deja Blues, newcomers to the B&A Fiesta brings a strong blues & rock style to our show. Based in Ensenada Deja Blues inspires a dedicated fan base who know this is one of the great bands in the Baja. The diversity of style and outstanding stage energy is nothing short of amazing. This fabulous band was “discovered” by our producers at the Ensenada Festival last June. We invited them immediately to perform in San Felipe for this year’s Blues & Arts Fiesta.
Libre joins the B&A stage for the first time this year. For more than 15 years the musicians of Libre have discharged a fusion of Afro-Cuban rhythms, Latin Soul with a dash of Jazz, topped off with Blues and Rock. The music mixture is a fusion of flavors which energizes audiences and astonishes concert goers . The Libre sound and performance chemistry is a trademark of this band. Libre's haunting rhythms and sophisticated delivery must be experienced "live" to be understood.
Michele Lundeen, dubbed "The Queen of Steam", returns for her 5th appearance in San Felipe. Michele is universally recognized as gifted interpreter of blues oriented songs. And her high energy performances tell the story of songs in a deeply emotional way, hitting listeners right in the gut. Stirring vocals and her hot stage presence visibly moves audiences everywhere. Humor, empathy, and that VOICE! Michele sings from the heart with a soul-revealing intensity rarely matched today, and evokes the very best comparisons with Joplin, Midler, and Raitt.
Mosk Trio is a power trio with a totally unique style and unparalleled stage charisma. This band hails from Mexicali and perform in every major music event in that city’s vibrant music community. Mosk Trio brought down the house last June in Ensenada with power interpretations of well known songs, but never heard like this. The Mosk Trio band is a grand trio and a can’t miss new addition to this year’s line up.
Ruta 69 returns by popular demand for their second appearance. Ruta 69 also hails from Ensenada. They deliver one hit after another and this richly layered musical ensemble takes rock entertainment to another level. A multi-layered band with strong vocals, pleasing percussion, and soaring guitars, Ruta 69 must be enjoyed in person. The technical expertise of this band makes seasoned concert goers’ heads spin with joy because these guys are that good. Come on Bros! We love you.

Author MaryLou Austin works as a writer, editor, and media producer in San Felipe, B.C., Mexico.


3rd Annual Todos Santos 5 KM Walk / Run - Feb 5th - The time is fast approaching and we see you out there in the streets of Todos Santos, walking and running hard and training for the big event!- the 3rd annual Todos Santos 5km walk/run sponsored by Romex, Omar Ochoa Carpinteria and Rancho Pescadero. Advanced registration can be done Feb 3rd and 4th from 11:00 - 2:00 at Cafelix or also the day of the race for 150 pesos. The 1 km for children and families is only 10 pesos. Starting gun is at 9:00 am in Plaza Marquez de Leon, and for those of you training to run your personal best the event is computer timed. See you there for a morning of celebration.

All proceeds to support the Palapa Society's Chino Project for children in our community with major medical needs. - Tori Sepulveda,

LOS BARRILES - Drum Workshop

DRUM WORKSHOP - Bill Matthews will be returning for a three day drum workshop
February 4, 5, 6, 2011. Last year we had an amazing turnout. Before we post the schedule, please e-mail me and let me know what level of class would be of interest: Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced/Performance. Also, let us know if you will need to borrow a drum or if you are considering purchasing a Bill Matthew's ashiko drum. Thanks Judy 624 142 8088

NEWS & POLITICS - Breast Cancer Screenings In Mexico Rise Sharply After Awareness Campaign

An aggressive public awareness campaign has helped fuel a dramatic jump in the number of mammograms performed in Baja California, Mexico, with the annual number of screenings shooting from about 500 in previous years to 15,000 in 2010, San Diego Red reports.

The campaign features billboards with graphic imagery that aims to encourage women to seek mammograms. Baja California officials hope the campaign will eventually help reduce breast cancer mortality in the Mexican state, where 71% of women with breast cancer are diagnosed in late stages of the disease, according to Lidia Sandoval of the State Center for Oncology.

The billboards, launched in September 2010, depict images such as a woman pretending to amputate her breast and a photo of a skull imposed over a woman's torso. The billboard's messages were reinforced through fliers distributed at public universities.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women in Mexico and the second-leading cause in Baja California. Few of Mexico's radiologists can accurately read mammograms, according to the National Center of Gender Equity and Reproductive Health in Mexico City. Nationwide, 93% of breast cancer diagnoses occur in the late stages of the disease, the center said.

The death rate among Mexican women with breast cancer has increased in recent years, from 15 deaths per 100,000 women ages 25 and older in 2005 to 16.7 deaths per 100,000 women in current estimates. Sandoval said the new campaign's effect on mortality likely will not be seen for several years (Millan, San Diego Red, 1/10).

SAN FELIPE - SweetSpot Super Bowl Party


Feburary 6, 2011 at 1 PM
$15 DLL 0R $190.00 MN


BAJA SUR - Election Weekend

February 4-6 is an election weekend in Baja Sur and sale of alcoholic beverages is restricted except for Cabo San Lucas.

MEXICO - Baja California Beckons

Talk with people about past trips to Baja California and you'll hear tales of camping on the beach, gorgeous views and lobster dinners with buckets of beer for just a few bucks.

In recent years, tourism travel to Mexico has slowed in part because of a tough economy in the United States and in part because of heightened violence in several Mexican border cities.

On Monday, Juan Tintos Funcke, the Secretary of Tourism, State of Baja California, wanted to send a clear message to Californians: "We are close and we are safe."

Questions about security for tourists surfaced while Tintos Funcke discussed the upcoming AgroBaja. The agricultural, cattle and fishing expedition that is expected to draw tens of thousands of participants is scheduled for March 3-5, 2011 in Mexicali.

Business meetings are just one of the reasons thousands of people visit Baja California. Other events including Baja 1000, wine festivals bike rides and regattas bring California residents south.

In 2010, the U.S. State Department issued a travel warning for parts of northern Mexico including Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana, Chihuahua City, Nogales, Nuevo Laredo, Piedras Negras, Reynosa, Matamoros and Monterrey.

"Tijuana and Baja have surpassed the situation that other states in the Eastern part of the northern border are going through right now," Tintos Funcke said. "The situation has become much better. I have to point out that no tourists have been involved in the past years when these types of incidents have taken place."

In December, citing a drop in business, Carnival Cruise Lines canceled its year-round ship to the Mexican Riveria.

Esenada is not included in the cruise ship route that's called the Mexican Riveria. In fact, Carnival has 144 trips scheduled to the port of Ensenada from Long Beach, said Tintos Funcke.

"Carnival did not cancel going to Ensenada because they consider Ensenada a very secure destination," he said. "We're doing our job as to putting more attractions and more services in many of the spots that the cruise ship passengers visit."

The cruise ship stops are important to the region because approximately 2/3 of those cruise line customers are from the Los Angeles area. Baja California wants those groups to return to the area by land.

Tintos Funcke also considers the upcoming groundbreaking ceremony for the new San Ysidro border crossing on the American side scheduled to take place in February to do more to connect the region.

"We're sure it will alleviate a lot of the negative impact that the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce has pointed out in the thousands of employments that are lost and the millions of dollars that are lost in revenue for both sides of the border including the Southern California region," said Tintos Funcke.

LOS BARRILES - Lord of the Wind Results & Photos

Final Showdown Race - Pritchard, Kevin Style: Windsurfing
Kiteboarding BIG AIR - Douglas, Robert - 34.6 ft E Class
Windsurfing FreeStyle: Poor, Tyson
Windsurfing / Kiteboarding Expression: Poor, Tyson - Kiteboarding  & Ki Smith, Brian - Windsurfing
Kiteboarding, Course Racing - MENS Expert Course: Heineken, John Total Score-10.1
Kiteboarding, Course Racing - WOMENS Expert Course: Brown, Cynbad Total Score-8.1
Kiteboarding Course Racing - Amateur: Bison, Jim Total Score-4.8
Kiteboarding Course Racing - Master: Latourrette, Clinton Total Score-7.4
Kiteboarding Course Racing - Women: Granger, Dominique Total Score-37
Windsurfing Course Racing - Expert Men: Pritchard, Kevin Total Score-4.2
Windsurfing Course Racing - Amateur: Howe, Neil Total Score-4.2
SUP Men: Maartense, Jason Time-1:04
SUP Women: Rodigoz, Betsy Time-1:30
Windsurfing Slalom - EXPERT: Kevin Pritchard - 2.1
Windsurfing Slalom - AMATEURS: Neil Howe - 2.1
Windsurfing Slalom - Women Expert: Ingrid Larouche - 2.1
Windsurfing Slalom - Women Amateur: Fiona Wylde - 2.1
Windsurfing Slalom - MASTERS: Ron Perez - 10.4
Kiteboarding Slalom - Expert Men: Sean Farley
Kiteboarding Slalom - Expert Women: Kristen Ulmer
Kiteboarding Slalom - Amateur Women: Clair Lutz
Kiteboarding Slalom - Masters: Mike McHugh
Find the link below to Lori Makabe of photos from Lord of the Wind   

VIDEO: Safety in Mexico

Here is a funny video created about safety in Mexico. It was shared with us and we thought you might get a laugh out of it. Be warned it does contain some language. It's not Baja, but Mexican all the same.

TOUR - Baja Wine Country - February 26

2011 Baja Select Tours & Dates

Baja Wine Country - February 26
1-Day / $75 BLGC Member - $100 Non-member
Travel from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific to Baja's oldest winery and to Valle de Guadalupe, Baja's Wine Country for a tour and tasting at two of Baja's most important and well-known wineries. Read Tour Details.

Join today and SAVE Big on Baja! -

SAN FELIPE - SandRail Pizza/JollyMon Bar BEACH POKER RUN

Time: January 29, 2011 from 11am to 7pm
Location: SandRail Pizza San Felipe BC Mexico

City/Town: San Felipe BC Mexico
Phone: 686-576-0441

Event Description: START YOUR ENGINES!! Sat, Jan 29th 11am, the First SandRail Pizza/JollyMon Bar BEACH POKE-HER RUN. Great 1st - 2nd - 3rd Prizes. All Paid entrants get a Free T-Shirt and Free Eats at party afterwards 6pm. Entry fee $25. 6 stations all with highway access if you don't want to run the beach. Tickets at SandRail Pizza. For info 576-0441.
MORE INFO --> Click Here

ROSARITO BEACH - 3rd Annual Wine Tasting

Please join us for our 3rd Annual Wine Tasting
January 30, 2011 2pm until 5pm at Real del Mar Club House

Featuring Select Wineries from the Guadalupe Valley
Donation: $25 members/$30 non-members
Reservations via PayPal at
Or contact Bonnie Watt: or 665-609-3451

NEWS - San Felipe May Become a City

Baja congress
Written by George Gale
Wednesday, 19 January 2011 10:13

(San Felipe may become a city)…The Gulf Port community is currently governed under Mexicali.

The community has grown in recent years, and one Baja California Diputado says it may be time to allow San Felipe create it’s own Municipal government. Gregorio Carranza Hernandez says he will take the idea to the Baja Congress. He said he has raised the idea before, and appears to have support in the congress. If approved, San Felipe would become the sixth municipality in Baja California.

In other news, the Baja congress will also be discussing a law they already approved. When congress convenes next week they will discuss the new alcohol sales law. The law dictating the hours alcohol can be sold had been approved by the congress in December, and the Governor refused to veto it. Supporters of the law say the congress will discuss revamping the law because of pressure from vendors. As it stands right now, the law would stop the sale of alcohol at 1:00 in the morning most days.

Read it on KXO Radio or listen at 1230AM and 107.5FM (Imperial Valley, CA)

submitted by Paco

Baja Love Ride - Course and Date Change


San Felipe, BC, Mexico - January 17, 2011 -

The Baja Love Ride, a “ride for a cause”, is forced to change the start date and ride route. The date is being changed from February 14 to March 22. Originally set to begin in Rosarito Beach, the ride will now begin at Monumental Plaza in Tijuana.

Due to unforeseen events, the organizers have had to modify the original planned event. The previously promoted 1000 mile course from Rosarito to Cabo San Lucas has had be shortened considerably. The 2011 ride will now be a 217 mile (349 km) course from Monumental Plaza in Playas de Tijuana to the Aches of San Felipe.

Organizers have recently been told by the government that road damage south of Puertecitos and construction south of the new Highway 5 will make the roads impassable for buses and other large event vehicles.

Authorities contend Federal Highway 5 construction south to Bahia San Luis Gonzaga and west to Transpeninsular Highway 1 will indeed be completed by the time Baja Love Ride 2012 is slated to begin.

Riders can participate in the 217-mile ride for only $200, which includes round-trip transports, meals, and camping. The single day ride and overnight camping portion cost $45 to enter. The community “Good Start Rides” set to place in each community will cost $25 to enter.

As a bonus gift, all Baja Love Ride riders will receive a FREE ticket to the San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta on March 26th, Baja’s biggest charity music and art festival (   

The Baja Love Ride hopes to draw a huge number of participants and donations. The donations will go to the local children’s orphanages and charities along the route. Organizers also hope the ride will become an annual event that paints Baja in a positive light.

The Baja Love Ride

John Pack

P.O. Box 9019 - PMB460
Calexico, CA 92232
United States

USA Toll Free: 877-LUVMEX1 (588-6391)
San Felipe, Baja Mexico: 686-230-9933


SAN FELIPE - Hobie Hop

San Felipe Hobie Hop
The San Felipe Hobie Hop is a 3-day regatta from San Felipe to Gonzaga Bay. This is a fun race by water. Each evening there will be a bonfire and barbecue, along with music and lots of good times. The race time is 2-4 hours (estimate) per day, with the balance of the day for exploring, fishing and good times. REQUEST MORE INFO

Additional Information will be made available in coming weeks. 

May 20-22, 2011

Day 1: Friday May 20, 2011 San Felipe to Laguna Persebu
Day 2: Saturday May 21, 2011 - Laguna Persebu to Bahia Christina
Day 3: Sunday May 22, 2011 -  Bahia Christina to Gonzaga Bay (Alfonsinas Hotel).

MORE INFO:There will be chase and emergency support available both on water and on shore.
The San Felipe Hobie Hop is open to any type sailing vessel, so long as it can be beached.   

TODOS SANTOS - The 8th Annual Fur Ball

The 8th Annual Fur Ball will be held at the Hotel California on Sunday, February 13th, beginning at 5:00 pm. Come on out to participate in the fun, enjoy appetizers, drinks, Chef Dany's delicious dinner, raffle, auction, music and dancing. Thanks to your support we were able to spay and neuter more than 300 (!!!) animals last year. Tickets are MN250.00 and are available at El Tecolote Bookstore, Hotel California, and at the door. Please help us have another successful year reducing the suffering of domestic animals.

Amigos de los Animales de Todos Santos A.C., 612 -145-0250

NEWS - Reduction Cost for a SENTRI Pass

SENTRI pass will soon cost $42.25

U.S. slashing price to encourage more crosser to use program
Por: Leonel Sánchez 9 Enero 2011 @ 10:18 pm
It's going to get a lot cheaper to cross the border using a SENTRI fast pass.
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security plans to slash the price of the high-tech fast pass as part of campaign to encourage more low-risk, frequent border crossers to register for the program.
The price of a SENTRI pass will soon drop from $122.25 to $42.25 per applicant, valid for five years, said Pete Flores, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Acting Director for Field Operations in San Diego.
"We're shooting to get as many as possible," Flores said during an interview Friday.
CBP will also be opening a new SENTRI enrollment center just east of the San Ysidro Port of Entry. The facility, under construction at the site of the former Payless shoe store, will open in late February or early March, Flores said. CBP operates a SENTRI center in Otay Mesa, where the program started in 1995.
SENTRI passes allow pre-screened motorists and pedestrians to use special lanes to expedite their crossing. Applicants must pass background checks, submit fingerprints and an interview with CBP officers. Cars are also inspected.
SENTRI stands for Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection and relies on a high-tech card and license plate readers and computers.
The program helps ease traffic congestion but is still not widely utilized. Only two percent of pedestrians use SENTRI to cross at San Ysidro, Flores said. Meanwhile about 28 percent of motorists who cross there use SENTRI, he said. Flores said a recent survey showed that price was one reason more people were not enrolling in the program.
San Ysidro Port Director Chris Maston, speaking at a binational meeting Friday in San Diego, said he hoped more pedestrians will enroll in the SENTRI program to help expedite foot traffic. Northbound waits for pedestrians topped two hours during the holidays, he said.
"I don't think anybody should have to stand in line for two hours unless they're at Disneyland and choose to do so," said Maston.
On Dec. 23, it took about four hours to cross by foot, many heading north to do holiday shopping.
Maston said many people wrongly believe that the program is reserved for business people and professionals.
Maston provided an update about the SENTRI program during a meeting of the Coalition for Border Prosperity Smart Border Committee, a program of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, and was met with words of encouragement.
About 50 civic and business leaders from both sides of the border attended the meeting. Mexican officials said they would help get the word out about the new SENTRI developments.
SENTRI details
Applicants for a SENTRI pass must pass a background check, submit fingerprints and an interview with a Customs and Border Protection officer. People can apply on line.
For information in Spanish click here.

BAJA LOVE RIDE - Parking and Shuttle Service

The Rosarito Beach Hotel is the 2nd Pit Stop of the Baja Love Ride. The hotel is going to offer event cyclists transportation and parking services. Hotel to Border only $20 per person or Hotel to San Diego Airport only $30 per person and cyclists can park their cars in the secure parking garage for the duration of the Baja Love Ride at a special rate of only $2 dollars per day. Espanol - Aparcamiento y Servicio de Transporte

Show your Love: RIDE - DONATE - SPONSOR

More info go to

BLUES & ARTS FEISTA - Ticket are Here!

5th Blues & Arts Fiesta

Get Your Tickets Today!

The tickets are here and ready for you! General admission is only $20dlls before the event & $25 at the door. Bring you hat and set up your chair in the festival seating area. Set up your home away from home to enjoy the music from 9 great bands and many artist sharing their creations 
VIP Tickets are ONLY $50dlls; you receive reserved box seats in a private seating area, VIP food and drink service, private restrooms, and truly the best seats in the house to see and hear the line up of musical acts the day of the show.

The San Felipe Lions Club produces this annual event which raises critical funding for local humanitarian work.  Local recipients include schools, medical services, eye exam clinics, the new orphanages, and more. Funds go directly to those in need.  The energy of the musicians, visual artists, audience, and all our supporters hits a critical mass that day and we celebrate the best in all of us.  "Changing Lives Through Music and Art" is the mission of the event and it all happens at the 5th Annual International Blues & Arts Fiesta in San Felipe!

LORETO - Sea Turtle Trip

January 21, join the sea turtle monitoring trip and help support the participation of local 9-12 year olds from Eco-Alianza's conservation education program. The next sea turtle trip will leave Loreto at 1pm Fri. January 21 and return 10am Sat. January 22. Resources from this trip will help to make the participation of the children's group on the 22nd a possibility.

Check out this 90-second video put together by Jill and Rick Jackson from the New Years turtle trip to see what it's all about.

For more information, contact Pancho at Baja by Kayak, or 613-135-1887

Submitted by: Cynthia Brown Mayoral
Courtesy of Lynn Hammond 

Baja Love Ride - Rider Safety

We've received emails from people concerned about rider safety, and we want to thank you for the concerns, they are all valid and they are all being considered and we completely agree: Safety is numero uno. 

We are working with the cooperation of the state, Secretary of Tourism, Green Angels, the various local municipalities and local medical support, as well as our own forward and rear safety vehicles. In addition to the safety measures, we are keeping the daily rides short; most under 60 miles and plan to educate the riders about the dangers. 

However, that being said. This year the focus is on the small 5-mile community rides. Our goal is to get as many people riding through their own communities, more so than the long peninsula ride. The peninsula ride is beyond the reach of many, but is a great way to get attention to the Baja Love Ride, which will help us increase the number of local riders and achieve our goal of raising money for the children in each respective community.  

BLUES & ARTS FIESTA - Chet Cannon & the Committee

Jan. 12, 2011 San Felipe Baja California Mexico  

Chet Cannon & the Committee Returns to San Felipe!

5th Annual International Blues Arts Fiesta is gearing up to rock the Baja on March 26, 2011. The international humanitarian concert  is set in funky & fun San Felipe ~ just 120 miles south of Mexicali. The fine newly repaired smooth roads will take you safely to Mexican blue bird skies and gin green seas, which frame the stage in San Felipe, Mexico.  And we heartily welcome Chet Cannon & the Committee back to our friendly blues venue as returning musical artists  Chet and the gang are real friends of our Baja Norte event ~ not only because of the wow energy during performance, but also because of the deep humanitarian spirit that is Chet & the Committee. Chet gets it done on stage AND quietly behind the scenes to benefit many who need a real community's help to make things better.  Can you think of a better place to be for a spring fling, than safe, affordable, and close San Felipe on the mesmerizing Sea of Cortez?  Get tickets now while they last, cuz buzz grows at press time. So mark your calendars for March 26, 2011 because the premier concert and regional fund-raising event is coming up fast. San Felipe's 5th Annual International Blues & Arts Fiesta is an all day outdoor concert and art extravaganza, and Chet & the Committee's ripping style is guaranteed to rock your socks off.  Audiences know Chet's good time blues and swing  rockin' boogie and outrageous connections with the appreciative audiences, will be unforgettable.

More FYI:  Chet Cannon is a self described terminal blues fan.  Chet once attended 26 blues shows in 29 days and has been diggin' the blues since the 1970's.  Young Chet developed his voice from a young age in church, and then singing along with Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley on the radio.  Chet & the Committee's performances all around Southern California are the stuff of legend, and the band is a mainstay favorite in the San Diego area.  Chet & the Committee have been nominated for prestigious blues awards and their latest blues record aptly is nicely titled, "I'll be down in San Felipe! ~ The Official Bootleg" was nominated for best blues album of 2010.  Chet pours his heart and soul into every live show and audiences respond with over the top good vibe, cheers, and dancin' in the aisles, or in San Felipe's case, the warm sand.

The 5th Annual International Blues & Arts Fiesta is the coolest of the west coast blues scene menu. We want you in safe, affordable San Felipe for this party.  Not only Chet & the Committee ~ we have a line up that is stellar. Jaw dropping talent!  Mexican / American blues rock and roll, Afro-Cuban rhythm, melodic power fusion, and the best and brightest.... all converge at the base of saturated pastel mountains watching the shimmering Sea of Cortez. The San Felipe Lions Club produces this annual event which raises critical funding for local humanitarian work.  Local recipients include schools, medical services, eye exam clinics, the new orphanages, and more. Funds go directly to those in need.  The energy of the musicians, visual artists, audience, and all our supporters hits a critical mass that day and we celebrate the best in all of us.  "Changing Lives Through Music and Art" is the mission of the event and it all happens at the 5th Annual International Blues & Arts Fiesta in San Felipe!

Check out our website at for more information about tickets and accommodations.  The 5th Annual International Blues & Arts Fiesta promises an unforgettably fine event, with headliner bands in all day performance, great variety of food and beverages, stunning visual artists, and good times.  We'll see you there!


Monday's "DANCING WITH THE STARS" at the Pavilion has now confirmed that the performers for this outrageous show will be none other than TINA TURNER, ARETHA FRANKLIN, MARY J. BLIGE, CHER & AMY WINEHOUSE. Not only will they perform in Celebrity Drag for the first half of the show, but after the break, they'll judge a Dance Contest for attendees who want to "Dance their Ass Off" for prizes.

Oh! This is Going to be Fun! Fun! Fun! Please email Steven ASAP if you want to compete.

Nobody will be put on the Spot! That's Monday jAN 17TH, at the Pavilion at EDR. Really, how many of your friends can say they're going to spend Monday afternoon with these Fabulous Faux Pop Stars. San Felipe is Going Hollywood for just a few hours!

Lunch in the Pavilion with a $1 per item menu at noon, and the show starts at 2pm. Tickets for the Show are $20 and nearly sold out for the 4th year in a row! All funds raised go to spaying & neutering our stray & indigent dogs and cats, so we can continue to get our population under control.

SAN FELIPE - Hola! from Dino.

Hola -My name is Dino. Please Help me Find a New Place to Live You may have known me by Scarface, but now that I am healthy - I am a very handsome boy!
I have enjoyed recuperating with Auntie Marcia, but now I would really like a home of my own - people to love and who will love just me!
After someone abandoned me to the desert, I had a bit of a" rough go", but I have recovered from the VD( so common here) AND, I have made a great comeback after being hit by a car!
I have a real "can do "attitude!
I move fast for short distances and my leg is getting better everyday. I really have to give a huge doggy "hug " to doctor Solis for all the excellent treatment!! If you are looking for a well mannered, energetic( but not hyper) pal, I am your guy! Please contact Marcia in San Felipe at (686 214 1383) or feel free to contact me at

PETS - Saturday's Spay/Neuter Clinic was a Great Success

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know, Saturday's Spay/Neuter Clinic was a good success. We didn't fix the 50 dogs I promised, but we did do 31, and two pregnant mamas were fixed, and between them Dr Solis aborted 14 puppies, so for me that's like doing forty five spays & neuters, and the 14 puppies were FREE. If you figure out mathematically what those forty five animals would produce in the way of offspring over the next few years, I promise you it's in the thousands. Thousands that won't have to face the streets
of San Felipe with no future.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped. The clinic's interior keeps getting more and more better between weekends, and this week we'll be painting, patching and adding lots more improvements to make it easier to work and function as a team. Just wanted to keep you in the loop. The next spay/neuter clinic is Saturday, January 22nd, and we'll
begin once again at 8am.

I'm sad to say that my right hand gal, Carolanne Burns was forced to leave San Felipe temporarily and has returned to her sister Laurie's Shelter/Rescue called Fur & Feather Animal Assistance in New Mexico. Carol's a stand up woman, and needed to go help her sister through some serious health issues, and pitch in like she always does whenever she's wanted and needed. She's taking care of the 100 or so animals up there in the cold cold weather. We hope everything works out fine for her and especially Laurie, and like I told Carol the other day, she is absolutely doing the right thing by stepping up with the grace and courage and the unbelievable strength that she always seems to summon in times of need. We love you Carol and miss you already, and just keep fighting the fight Laurie. All we can ever do in life is play the hand we're dealt, and I know that Laurie will do just that, especially with
Carol there at her side.

Carol's email address is, if you'd like to contact her and offer your support and words of encouragement.
Info provided by: ZAPP

TRAVEL & TOURISM - Alaska Airlines Announces Low Fares to Its Nine Mexico Destination

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air announced a winter fare sale with hot fares starting as low as $119 to nine Mexico destinations. Fares are good for travel from Jan. 10 through April 7, 2011. Tickets must be purchased by Jan. 18, 2011 and are available for purchase starting January 6th. and

Sample one-way fares:
$119* between Los Angeles and La Paz and Loreto
$129* between San Jose, Calif. and Guadalajara and Los Cabos
$139* between San Diego and Los Cabos
$159* between Seattle and Portland, Ore. and La Paz and Loreto
$189* between Spokane, Wash. and Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta/Riviera Nayarit
$329* between Anchorage, Alaska and Los Cabos

SAN FELIPE - Crop Circles, Real or Man Made, You Decide

Crop Circles - Real or Man Made- You Decide
Questions and Answers Live with Award Winning Producer/Director Suzanne Taylor. What are crop circles, how are they formed, what do they mean, everything you have wanted to know! Come inside a crop circle with Suzanne, and experience it for yourself.

Suzanne Taylor’s newly released DVD, What On Earth? Inside The Crop Circle Mystery is an 81-minute feature documentary chronicling her interactions, in England, with members of the lively community of visionary artists, scientists, philosophers, geometers, educators, and farmers who have been profoundly touched by the crop circle phenomenon. “It deals with how our scientific materialistic worldview hampers serious investigation of a great mystery of our time, and knowing how the circles come from another intelligence would help us think as a planet to solve the problems that challenge us now ” — Suzanne Taylor

What: Crop Circles with Suzanne Taylor
When: Tuesday Jan 18th 5PM
Where: Pavillion @ El Dorado
Time: 5PM – 8PM
Other: Dinner - $1 International Menu - $1 beer
6PM – 8PM Speaker Presentation

Suggested Donation: $5.00 /$60 pesos at the door.
Proceeds after expenses DONATED to ZAPP Spay/Neuter Street Project
RSVP 686-172-3893 or

LORETO - El Caballo Blanco - Book Club

El Caballo Blanco - Book Club
January 17, Monday at 3:30 pm. (Martin Luther King Jr. Day for those from the USA!)

 El Caballo Blanco Bookstore (located on Hidalgo/F. Madero) ....... bring whatever books you want to share or trade. Bring your reviews and stories about books you have read or want to read. Let's just yak about books until about 5:00pm, Everyone is Welcome!!

Submitted by:  Dee Wise
See you here!    Beto and Jeannine

ENSENADA - Film Premiere & Arts Festival

Saturday, January 22: "La Ultima Gota (The Last Drop)" Film Premiere &
Arts Festival

6pm: The public is invited to a viewing of "La Ultima Gota (The Last
Drop)," a 5-minute film about ecological conservation of water, at
Jazz Cafe on Av. Blancarte & Calle 7, Ensenada. Directed by Esteban
Flores and starring actor/sculptor Enrique Avilez and his son, Philip
David, the film short is in Spanish with English subtitles. (See
Spanish YouTube preview at

The multimedia evening also features poetry by Lauro Acevedo, designer
jewelry by Cristina Rend€ ¦ón, paintings by Jos€ ¦é Jule and Silvia
Ch€ ¦ávez, and regional Baja California cuisine by Chef Antonio
Contreras. at Jazz Cafe on Av. Blancarte & Calle 7, Ensenada. Free
admission. Info: Enrique Avilez, tel. (646)178-0140; e-mail:

NEWS - Old Xmas trees to become compost

Jorge Rescala Pérez, the General Director of the Forest Protection Agency of the State of Mexico (Probosque), said Monday that during the Christmas tree marketing campaign in 2010, 170,000 trees were sold, generating an economic spillover of 55 million pesos.

In order that the trees continue to be useful, Probosque, a branch of the Agricultural Development Secretariat, is working on a program to collect the trees and turn them into compost. The program is seeking to collect 94,000 trees between January 7 and February 3.

Rescala recalled that the State of Mexico has 142 plots of Christmas trees planted on over 4,000 hectares in the municipalities of Amanalco, Almoloya de Juárez, Amecameca, Atlautla, Huixquilucan, Jilotzingo, Ocoyoacac, San Felipe del Progreso, Temoaya, Tenango, Temascaltepec, Timilpan, Texcoco, Tlalmanalco, Valle de Bravo, Villa Victoria, Xonacatlán and Zinacantepec.

Rescala said that each tree will be ground and mixed with other waste in order to create enough compost to fertilize up to ten other trees. He added that since 2005, between 10 and 15 percent of the trees collected are donated to artisans in the municipalities of Santa María Rayón and Chalco for the production of keychains, pencils, candles and toys. “We will do it again this year; 90 percent of the trees will be used for compost and 10 percent will be donated,” Rescala said.

Rescala said that the Christmas tree collection and transformation program this year has the support of several municipalities from the State of Mexico and Mexico City. He said people can call the Green Phone Number, 01 800 018 78 78, to ask for further information.

Rescala noted that recycling natural Christmas trees provides multiple benefits, as making compost reduces costs and reduces the use of natural substratum. Artisans are also benefitted, as they reduce their costs of production, gain employment and improve their income.

Through the Christmas tree collection program, he added, it is possible to promote a recycling culture among citizens, as it reduces the generation of waste by preventing trees from ending up in the trash, and it also reduces the emission of carbon dioxide.

16-day bike ride to promote Baja California charities

THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 2011 AT 2:04 P.M.
A 1,000-mile bike ride next month between Rosarito Beach and Cabo San Lucas is being promoted as a fundraiser for children's charities along the way. Organizers are counting on another benefit: delivering the message that traveling to Baja California can be safe.
“We’re trying to improve the perception of Baja,” said Bill Spradlin, one of two U.S. citizens living in San Felipe who are organizing the ride.
The 16-day Baja Love Ride is scheduled from Feb. 14 to March 1. The event’s promoters say participants can sign up for a five-mile stretch, a day-long ride or the entire journey.
GRAPHIC: The 16-day Baja Love Ride aims to raise money for charity and promote the peninsula as a safe destination. / Graphic by Aaron Steckelberg, U-T

SAN FELIPE - 8th Annual Taste of San Felipe

The Rotary Club of San Felipe will hold the  
8th Annual Taste of San Felipe

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A walking taste tour of local restaurants in and around the downtown area, with some restaurants from north of town also participating. The event starts at 1PM and ends at 3:30PM. Tickets are $15/180MN, More info contact Terry Smith. 576-0484 for information or to purchase tickets. More info - CLICK HERE

LORETO - "Come out of the Igloo" Golf Tournament

Loreto / Nopoló Golf Course
January "It's time to come out of the Igloo" Golf Tournament.

Sunday, January 23rd.
Entrance fee per player $600p walking or $700p in a cart.
All players are invited to a Carne Asada Party with a Keg of Beer at no additional cost, to be held at the Course after the tournament. First prize is a course membership for one month of unlimited golf for each player on the team posting the lowest NET score. Enter longest drive (hole to be announced) and closest to the pin (hole 14) pots for $10 Pesos — winner take all. Sign up at the course or at the Inn at Loreto Bay. Sign up early, the number of carts is limited.

Tournament is eighteen holes. Shotgun tee off at 8:00AM.
Format: two-person scramble with one mulligan per player and one magic putt per team. HANDICAP - established or estimated - gentlemen 10 and lower must use the blue tees, over 10 may use the white tees, ladies may use the reds.
Come on out for some fun, a feast, and a great prize!
Submitted by: Tom Haglund

Baja Love Ride - A Ride for everyone

You don't have to ride a 1000 miles to participate in the Baja Love Ride. You can ride 5-miles, a single day, or the complete Baja Love Ride. There is a ride for everyone. If you don't own a bicycle but want to be involved, you can become a volunteer, join the road crew, or cheers the riders's time to show the Baja love!

SAN FELIPE - Blues and Arts Musician Spotlight

Blues and Arts Musician Spotlight ~ Becki Sue & her Big Rockin' Daddies!

San Felipe International Blues & Arts Fiesta 2011 welcomes the return of Becki Sue & her Big Rockin' Daddies to our magical venue on the Sea of Cortez in San Felipe. On Saturday March 26, 2011, our friends from Seattle bring their Texas/Chicago style band to deliver high energy Blues like nobody else. Becki Sue & the Daddies guarantee a GREAT stage show. Count on blazing guitar talent, smokin' sax and blues harp riffs, and powerful & sexy Becki Sue vocals who sizzles along with two male vocalists & upright bass. Our friends from Washington know how to draw & keep a crowd by firing up high octane blues fuel!

Hailing from the South Puget Sound region of Washington state, Becki Sue & her Big Rockin' Daddies formed in 2003 by the band's guitarist Tom "T-Boy Neal" Boyle. Since then the band has risen to elite status among blues bands in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. A new CD, "Big Rockin' Boogie" released on Underworld Records on June 15, 2010, shows off the group's 'under the radar' songwriting skills as well as significant musical growth. The Becki Sue & her Big Rockin' Daddies style is steeped in the blues vein and laced with plenty of startling originality.

Music awards range from "Best Blues Band" (Washington Blues Society in 2006 and 2007) to "Best Regional Band" (Oregon's Cascade Blues Association in 2008) to "#1 Best Band in Western Washington". Becki Sue & her Big Rockin' Daddies! is one tight outfit. Plus the gang fits right in here in San Felipe. Last year's performance at the Blues & Arts Fiesta brought down the house, and while the band arrived as pros on the road, they left for the north after a stunning turn at the show as our real friends. This band gets the groove and will brings it on while performing at this year's premier fund-raising event in Baja California: Blues & Arts Fiesta 2011.

Save this date: Saturday, March 26, 2011. On this weekend the 5th Annual International San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta will take the concert and visual arts experience to the next level. The band line up and the visual artists will make for an unforgettable experience here in safe, friendly, and affordable San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. Located right on the Sea of Cortez, at the base of the color saturated mountains, the concert venue is near perfect. The line up of bands is guaranteed to be memorable. And the convergence of visual artists is unprecedented in the Baja. Sponsored by the San Felipe Lions Club, the Blues & Arts Fiesta showcases world class musicians and the visual arts in to raise critical funding for local humanitarian work. Local recipients include schools, medical services, eye exam clinics, the new orphanage, and more. Funds to directly to those in need. The energy of the musicians, artists, audience, and all our supporters hits a critical mass that day in which we celebrate the very best in all of us. You just have to experience it once and you'll be hooked. Look for more weekly updates about the bands and artists. Make your plans now to come to the show. It all comes together March 26, 2011 in San Felipe, on the shimmering Sea of Cortez in the beautiful Baja. We want YOU to be part of the party of the year.

Info Provided by:

LOS BARRILES - Lord of the Wind Showdown

January 12-16, 2011

Next, book your ticket to Baja, and be part of the premier Lord of the
Wind Showdown - an international kiteboarding, windsurfing, and
standup paddleboard competition. This new annual event will be held in the
world-class windsurfing/kite boarding destination, Los Barriles, located
midway between Cabo San Lucas and La Paz on the Sea of Cortez.

With $19,000 cash plus prizes up for grabs, the event will consist of course
races, downwind slaloms, a big air contest, free style windsurfing contest,
kite clinics, windsurfing clinics, and gear demos. Vendor booths will be
onsite for you to check out the latest in accessories and equipment.

Is there another way to kick off the New Year?

There’ll be plenty of action shore-side, with live bands, hotel and beach
parties, volleyball tournaments, bikini contest, bbqs, poker run, dancing,
horseshoes, mountain biking, zip lines, 5 km run and much more.

The event is presented by: Rotary Club Los Barriles Baja Sur, Governor
Narciso Agundez Baja Sur Mexico, and the Los Barriles kiteboarding and
windsurfing community. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Los
Barriles community and children in the community. Additional proceeds
will support the 2012 edition of Lord of the Wind Showdown.

For more information, visit:, email