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BGLC DISCOUNT - Dali Delikatessen & Gourmet

BGLC DISCOUNT - Dali Delikatessen & Gourmet
Loreto, BCS Mexico
BGLC Member Discount: 10% off Tuesdays and Thursdays

Dali's Delikatessen & Gourmet is a store where you can find the best quality and also hard to find food products and the best wine, great prices, volume discount and much more waiting for you in Loreto. A must in Loreto, you have to check it out. Let your creativity grow. They offer from the easiest meals to the most important ingrediants for your recipes.

Large Variety of Gourmet Items
Large variety of meats, including steaks, lamb, pork, tuna, ahi, chicken, duck and salmon. They also have great selection of dairy items, such as creams and both soft and hard cheeses, plus frozen fruits and vegetables.

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