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LOS BARRILES - Lord of the Wind Results & Photos

Final Showdown Race - Pritchard, Kevin Style: Windsurfing
Kiteboarding BIG AIR - Douglas, Robert - 34.6 ft E Class
Windsurfing FreeStyle: Poor, Tyson
Windsurfing / Kiteboarding Expression: Poor, Tyson - Kiteboarding  & Ki Smith, Brian - Windsurfing
Kiteboarding, Course Racing - MENS Expert Course: Heineken, John Total Score-10.1
Kiteboarding, Course Racing - WOMENS Expert Course: Brown, Cynbad Total Score-8.1
Kiteboarding Course Racing - Amateur: Bison, Jim Total Score-4.8
Kiteboarding Course Racing - Master: Latourrette, Clinton Total Score-7.4
Kiteboarding Course Racing - Women: Granger, Dominique Total Score-37
Windsurfing Course Racing - Expert Men: Pritchard, Kevin Total Score-4.2
Windsurfing Course Racing - Amateur: Howe, Neil Total Score-4.2
SUP Men: Maartense, Jason Time-1:04
SUP Women: Rodigoz, Betsy Time-1:30
Windsurfing Slalom - EXPERT: Kevin Pritchard - 2.1
Windsurfing Slalom - AMATEURS: Neil Howe - 2.1
Windsurfing Slalom - Women Expert: Ingrid Larouche - 2.1
Windsurfing Slalom - Women Amateur: Fiona Wylde - 2.1
Windsurfing Slalom - MASTERS: Ron Perez - 10.4
Kiteboarding Slalom - Expert Men: Sean Farley
Kiteboarding Slalom - Expert Women: Kristen Ulmer
Kiteboarding Slalom - Amateur Women: Clair Lutz
Kiteboarding Slalom - Masters: Mike McHugh
Find the link below to Lori Makabe of photos from Lord of the Wind   

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