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PETS - Saturday's Spay/Neuter Clinic was a Great Success

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know, Saturday's Spay/Neuter Clinic was a good success. We didn't fix the 50 dogs I promised, but we did do 31, and two pregnant mamas were fixed, and between them Dr Solis aborted 14 puppies, so for me that's like doing forty five spays & neuters, and the 14 puppies were FREE. If you figure out mathematically what those forty five animals would produce in the way of offspring over the next few years, I promise you it's in the thousands. Thousands that won't have to face the streets
of San Felipe with no future.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped. The clinic's interior keeps getting more and more better between weekends, and this week we'll be painting, patching and adding lots more improvements to make it easier to work and function as a team. Just wanted to keep you in the loop. The next spay/neuter clinic is Saturday, January 22nd, and we'll
begin once again at 8am.

I'm sad to say that my right hand gal, Carolanne Burns was forced to leave San Felipe temporarily and has returned to her sister Laurie's Shelter/Rescue called Fur & Feather Animal Assistance in New Mexico. Carol's a stand up woman, and needed to go help her sister through some serious health issues, and pitch in like she always does whenever she's wanted and needed. She's taking care of the 100 or so animals up there in the cold cold weather. We hope everything works out fine for her and especially Laurie, and like I told Carol the other day, she is absolutely doing the right thing by stepping up with the grace and courage and the unbelievable strength that she always seems to summon in times of need. We love you Carol and miss you already, and just keep fighting the fight Laurie. All we can ever do in life is play the hand we're dealt, and I know that Laurie will do just that, especially with
Carol there at her side.

Carol's email address is, if you'd like to contact her and offer your support and words of encouragement.
Info provided by: ZAPP

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