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SAN FELIPE - Hola! from Dino.

Hola -My name is Dino. Please Help me Find a New Place to Live You may have known me by Scarface, but now that I am healthy - I am a very handsome boy!
I have enjoyed recuperating with Auntie Marcia, but now I would really like a home of my own - people to love and who will love just me!
After someone abandoned me to the desert, I had a bit of a" rough go", but I have recovered from the VD( so common here) AND, I have made a great comeback after being hit by a car!
I have a real "can do "attitude!
I move fast for short distances and my leg is getting better everyday. I really have to give a huge doggy "hug " to doctor Solis for all the excellent treatment!! If you are looking for a well mannered, energetic( but not hyper) pal, I am your guy! Please contact Marcia in San Felipe at (686 214 1383) or feel free to contact me at

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