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NEWS - San Felipe May Become a City

Baja congress
Written by George Gale
Wednesday, 19 January 2011 10:13

(San Felipe may become a city)…The Gulf Port community is currently governed under Mexicali.

The community has grown in recent years, and one Baja California Diputado says it may be time to allow San Felipe create it’s own Municipal government. Gregorio Carranza Hernandez says he will take the idea to the Baja Congress. He said he has raised the idea before, and appears to have support in the congress. If approved, San Felipe would become the sixth municipality in Baja California.

In other news, the Baja congress will also be discussing a law they already approved. When congress convenes next week they will discuss the new alcohol sales law. The law dictating the hours alcohol can be sold had been approved by the congress in December, and the Governor refused to veto it. Supporters of the law say the congress will discuss revamping the law because of pressure from vendors. As it stands right now, the law would stop the sale of alcohol at 1:00 in the morning most days.

Read it on KXO Radio or listen at 1230AM and 107.5FM (Imperial Valley, CA)

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