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LORETO - Caritas Charity Organization

Caritas is a charity organization that works to feed, cloth and give basic care to the needy of Loreto and its surrounding communities.  Since many local people are out of work, the supplies Caritas uses has greatly diminished.  Caritas volunteers travel to all the outlining areas to help in any way that is necessary.

Clothes, food, blankets, etc., are always appreciated.  Right now the biggest need is food.  Families are arriving at Caritas to be fed and there is no food.  Rice and beans are the basic staples that can feed many people. 
You can drop off your donation at the church office (inside the church courtyard on the right) or at the Caritas building located around the corner from the church on the side street.  There is a sign out front that says "Caritas".  Someone should be there to accept your donation.
Cash donations should be given to Laura Mercado, 135-2202 or, 107 Orient Aviacion (corner of Calle Davis and Aviacion across from Hotel Desert Inn south).
Please give whatever you can to this very important and warranted charity.
Post by Loreto Community Yahoo Group - Lynn Hammond

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