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NEWS & POLITICS - Mexicana could take to air soon

Javier Lozano Alarcón, the head of the Labor Secretariat said on Monday that the restructuring process of Mexicana was “still underway in every aspect” and he believed that the airline will soon resume operations.

Lozano said that once Mexicana had in its hands capital from investors that PC Capital had collected, the restructuring would move a lot faster.

“In view of current conditions, it is possible that Mexicana could resume operations any time soon,” Lozano said.

“We are waiting for investors to give information regarding their investment, the payment of settlements and ticket sales. Mexicana is working to reestablish procedures, systems, ticket sales mechanisms and we expect that it will soon resume operations,” he added.

On Thursday, Lozano will hold meetings with pilots, flight attendants and ground workers to go over details of settlements, collective contracts, and the hiring of new personnel.

On Monday, Lozano announced that radio and TV workers agreed on a 4.6 raise plus a 0.5 percent raise for productivity.

This agreement will benefit more than 24,000 workers at over 1,000 radio and TV stations.

Lozano said that the radio and TV sectors were stable as there have been no serious strikes in the industry for 35 years.

Karen Sánchez Abbott, the president of the board of the National Chamber of Radio and Television (CIRT), said that the salary increase was a sensible decision in view of the needs of the workers and changes to Mexico’s economy.

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