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NEWS & POLITICS - Weather doesn’t dampen food prices

Federico Ovalle Vaquera, the leader of the Independent Agriculture Workers Union (CIOAC), said Tuesday that the frosts the country has recently experienced have ravaged nearly 500,000 hectares of crops. He noted that the food crisis of 2008, that is still affecting Mexico, has affected the economies of families throughout the country.

“Several products’ prices have increased drastically, and they will still continue to go up,” he said.

He pointed out that between June, 2010 and this Monday, basic goods including, garlic, zucchinis, onions, carrots, eggs, limes, papaya, bananas and tomatoes registered big increases.

Ovalle Vaquera said that these prices will continue to go up in 2011. Nevertheless, he added, the Food Production Secretariat will implement an economic aid program to help the affected producers, most of whom live in the state of Sonora.

“The price of several products, including sorghum, wheat, maize might also experience a radical change. For instance, a ton of wheat might go from 3,500 pesos to 4,500 pesos.”

In the case of maize, a ton currently costs 3,000 pesos, but it will most likely go up to 3,500 pesos,” Ovalle said.

“If we do not deal with the issue as soon as possible inflation will be out of control. We need to address this problem now,” he added.

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