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PUNTA BANDA - Fire Department Fundraiser


Keeping the Fire Department funded is an ongoing challenge. They need a tanker to take to fires. There are always repairs to be made as well as routine upkeep on the trucks and equipment. Vehicles need gas, oil, tires and more. Bills need to be paid even though in firefighters are not.

Steve Eversole will be making his delicious Ham and Beans to go with Peggy Sintic,s tasty and succulent Corn Muffins. The meal will be finished off with an irresistible scoop of delicious Ice Cream.

The cost for this famous comfort food type dinner is what ever donation you choose to make--we take pesos, us dollars and checks. Come to the Salon in Campo La Jolla and support our all volunteer Fire Department.

They are here to help serve and protect Punta Banda--Let's help them.

Doors will be open at 4:30 and everything will be ready when you get there. Come early, eat well, stay late, visit with old and new friends and support your Fire Department--sounds like a GREAT way to spend Saturday night!!!

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