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SAN FELIPE - ZAPP Awards $500 gift card to raffle winner

Here's the photo of Laurie Barz and Oscar Miranda  
on Saturday at the 5th Annual BLUES & ARTS FIESTA, when they pulled the winning ticket for the $500 WAL-MART GIFT CARD.  

Over the past four years, we've done four different raffles.  The first first year, the raffle was won by Eileen Cremata from Fremont, CA, after buying 300 tickets. Well, she won again this year, and again she had bought 300 tickets.   

But remember, it only takes one! 
I emailed Eileen right away and told her to go to 7/11  
and buy lottery tickets, because she is one lucky son-of-a-gun!

Visit our eBAY Shoe Store.
All money raised in the store funds

Or send resell-able shoes to:

Any questions please respond through this email.
You can mail donations to:
ZAPP, PMB 194 / Box 9019. CALEXICO CA 92232

LA PAZ - Blue Ocean Film Festival

Blue Ocean Film Festival In La Paz - Blue Ocean Film Festival in La Paz will take place next 6th and 7th April at Galeria Galeria (address: Revolucion 590, cornered with Juarez) at 6:30pm. On the 6th April will be an event in English and on the 7th April will be in Spanish. Both events are free admission, and for all ages. Themes of films are of the Ocean and of coastline communities of Baja, it promises to be interesting and educative. We hope to see you there! If you cannot open the attached file, the following shows the text on the invitation. For more info: cel: 613 104 3578 - Cecilia Fischer,,, 613 104 35 78 cel , La Paz
Courtesy of Baja Western Onion

BAJA & SAN FELIPE: The McMillin Race Team Video of Baja 250

The McMillin Race Team Video of Baja 250. This is an incredible video that will get you out of your seat screaming! This is San Felipe at it's in the sun, in the desert, on the beach, or behind the wheel. It's San Felipe Baja!

TODOS SANTOS - 3-day Art Workshop with Jill Logan



Thursday April 7th : 7pm - 10pm
Friday April 8th : 10am - 4pm
Saturday April 9th : 10am - 1pm

$300 US
Class size limited to 10

Contact Jill Logan
Tel: (011 52) 612 14 50151

LA PAZ - Author Presents Ancient Puzzles to Loretanos

Greetings from Mexico!

This is an article I wrote today after spending a Sunday afternoon
with one of the most fascinating authors we've yet met. A perfect
blend of right and left brains, and also a humble guy.

The day was a great and beautiful one despite my tortilla strips
catching fire and burning out our toaster oven, and a wind gust
blowing down Alexander's sign and thus taking out our city water for
several days. (The good thing is, I can't do laundry or wash dishes
until the city fixes the pipe/faucet.)

Sunday also marked a real beginning of easier times for Beto and I. We
think that finally (after 4 months) we will have some kind of
settlement on our poor totaled car, and may, in a future time have
both dinero AND a car to go to San Diego and get more inventory.
Also, Beto new jeans, my new tooth, and glasses to be able to read
again. It's been a challenging winter, and of course, we are both
better for it! The kindnesses felt by us here in Loreto cannot be
fully described, ranging from transporting books to the loan of a car,
to tea bags and goat cheese and bushels of citrus to free reiki
treatments on a sore neck, to many, many hugs. Beto and I both feel we
have a huge karmic debt to repay to many people.

You don't have to read the article unless you like to read these kinds
of books. But the author was fascinating, and of course, we will
getand carry his books!

Weather is beautiful, and life is (finally) good!


La Paz Author Presents Ancient Puzzles to Loretanos
Jeannine Perez

So, what kinds of options do deep-thinking and very curious Loritanos
consider as worthwhile activities to do on a sunny and sleepy Sunday
afternoon? Perhaps, eating tortilla or black bean soup and pondering
the many ancient mysteries of our planet is not the ultimate
experience for everyone, but for those of us gathering under a garden
palapa last Sunday, it worked. After all, we do have enough unsolved
ancient and modern mysteries for everyone... among other topics, we
have 'Nessie, the vortex at Sedona, Machu Pichu, Stonehenge and other
stone circles, ley lines of power, New Mexico flying saucers, the
Yeti, and of course, the Bermuda Triangle. All of these are intriguing
puzzles waiting for someone to solve. Perhaps, if we can't seem to fix
what's wrong in our world today, we can decide to revisit some of the
problems and mysteries from the distant past.

Here in our own Baja, we would love to know the real facts about the
Primitive Painters and the location of the fabled lost Mission of
Ysabel, which is said to be filled with gold and riches and that was
searched for on foot and by air far and wide by Erle Stanley Gardner.
Here in Loreto, a group of very interested readers did have a good
time exploring theories mixed with research and legends mixed with
'what-ifs'. We had La Paz author R J Archer under our palapa, time to
discuss long past civilizations and ancient mysteries. It was a great

The books we discussed were described by their author (who tells us
that he was a computer consultant for 35 years , a writer of
non-fiction, and, that until he wrote the first chapters in his Seeds
of Civilization trilogy, had no real interest in archeology or Native
folk lore). He told us that he characterizes his books as adventure
mysteries with an archeological and sci-fi twist, and that he makes it
his goal to write as much fact as is possible (with hours and hours of
Internet research and interviews with as many experts as he can
contact), and then he fills in his plots with fiction.

His first book was actually done as a kind of experiment (encouraged
by his wife), and happened when he had a month of down time with no
pressing assignments for future computer articles. When he began his
first novel in 2000 (3 chapters completed in a month), it seems to
have surprised him as much as the unexplained questions he writes
about, surprised and intrigued us.

RJ Archer was born and attended schools in northern Illinois, and then
he lived many years in Oregon. He and his wife now live in La Paz, and
have done so for the past two years. He told us they chose La Paz over
their original destination of Guadalajara, because one of his sons
lives in Cabo, and the other in La Paz. His interest in the subjects
and themes of his novels really began as he began researching
information about the Maya on the Internet.

He laughed and said that he had never been interested in Mayan
history, and yet that is the setting for his first book, Tractrix. He
also explained his title saying that a tractrix is the inverse of a
sphere (or for those math challenged like me, a sphere that is turned
inside out). With his math and physics background to help him, he
understands this, and so then, the Mayan theories of calendars and
numbers also first interested and then fascinated him. He began his
first novel, about the Maya and their civilization, and the external
sources (which could possibly include aliens) that may have helped and
influenced them.

Writing nights and weekends, the characters in this first novel began
to take shape and come alive, and those characters then returned in
his next two novels, Tsubte, and Triangle (he said that his third
novel needed another title beginning with a T, and it does take place
in the Bermuda Triangle). Each of his novels is about an ancient
mystery, is based on facts and research, and retains many of the same
characters as the previous novels. Each of them also centers on an
object or a relic of some kind. The locations of his books are actual
places that range from the Yucatan, and the Maya, to a Japanese island
with a submerged monument, and then to the coast of Cuba where
underwater cameras have revealed seven square miles of stone
foundations in a grid on the ocean floor. These sites have already
been discovered, and are dated back to 12,000 B.C.

He also gave us hints about his next group of three novels, (as yet
unwritten), which will take place five years after the ending of the
third novel, (when the original characters disband), and each of them
will be “starring” one of his original characters. He also said that
some of the less important characters found in the first novels will
be returning as villains! (This also surprises him, as they were not
villains in the first books. Characters take on their own lives in
fiction). Again, these books will be fiction based on fact. For more
information on what has been written and what will be written, you can
read about or contact R.J. Archer at www.SeedsOfCivilization,com.

He bases all of his novels on a theory posited by Graham Hancock,
stating that civilized man did not just appear on the world scene a
mere 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia, but according to a new theory (and
based on some very real physical evidence), other sophisticated
civilizations have flourished and disappeared long before that 'first'
culture appeared. Several sites have already been discovered that
predate Mesopotamia. And of course, if there was one much older
civilization, it follows that probably there were many that have also
flourished and died, perhaps by natural catastrophes or by human greed
and arrogance.

We poured more ice tea, (wishing by this time for a frozen margarita
or wine) and all of us tried to visualize what this earth may have
looked like before the melting at the end of the ice age, when all of
the seas rose 300 feet. It's hard to imagine how much land and how
many coastal towns and cities may have been flooded and underwater. If
that proves hard to imagine, we might relate it to a current disaster
and the almost unimaginable earthquake and tsunami damage in Japan.
Higher seas means there is still much that is undiscovered, and RJ
Archer told us of a new science that is underwater archeology, and
focuses on what might be found in the world under the sea.

We ended our Sunday afternoon with a promise by RJ Archer to return
with books for a signing, and when we asked if he would consider
adding Loreto to a future plot, he said he'd think about it. Where
better? It is certain that the small village of Loreto is crowded with
mysteries (ancient and modern), and of course, with some very
interesting characters!

LOS BARRILES - Dinner & A Movie at Hotel Los Pescadores

"DINNER & A MOVIE"; Hotel Los Pescadores
Coming up this Thursday March 31st. the movie (on our new big screen) will be "HELLO DOLLY" staring Barbra Streisand, Walter Matthau & Michqel Crawford.  Dinner, Pot Roast, will be served around 6, but come early to socialize. this will be the ONLY SHOWING till this coming fall.  for Reservations call Dale at 612-142-8092

SAN FELIPE - Kitchen Witches - Theater Play

SAN FELIPE - Kitchen Witches - Theater Play
by Caroline Smith, Directer  by Connie Morgan
If you can’t stand the laughter, then stay out of the kitchen. When Dolly and her nemesis, Isobel, get cast in the same cable cooking show, trouble starts a’brewing. It’s a fool proof recipe for chaos and comedy as the two arch rivals each do their best to upstage the other. These “kitchen witches” are cooking up a storm! The audience gets to play the role of cable studio audience. If you like comedy, you’ll enjoy this play from the moment the curtain rises.

San Felipe BC Mexico, El Dorado Pavilion
Thursday - March 31st
  • Dinner (not included): 5PM
  • Cocktail Hour (no host bar): 6PM
  • Showtime: 7PM
Cost:  $15 pre-sale - BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!
$15 for Baja Good Life Club & $20 Non-mamebers at door. US toll free 800-LUV MEX1 Ex. 4 or MX Cell 686-230-9933.

LORETO - 1st Annual Yellow Tail Challenge

Winners of each category.

Best Yellow Tail 35 lbs Jesus Ignacio Gutierrez Team Nice team.
1st Place 114 pounds in 5 parts comprising the Barracuda Lewis Clark, Eugene Setka
2nd Place 106 lbs in 5 parts "Not that not" integrated "by Saul Valdez, Carlos Lanzagorta, Vicente Cosio, Miguel Garcia.
3rd.Place 99 pounds in 4 pieces "Team Handsome" Rafael Villegas, Jesus Ignacio Gutierrez. Edgar Davis.
4th Place 95 lbs in 5 pieces "DEPILLO" Joshep Depillo, Rigoberto Martinez.
5th Place 93 pounds in 5 pieces "THREE NOPOL" steve Giovenco, Rick Kasmi, Micke Casey

Best Cabrilla - 12 pounds 30.5 inches, team "Team Handsome" Rafael Villegas, Jesus Ignacio Gutierrez. Edgar Davis
Pargo Best Single Issue presented by the team, "Pargo" composed by Hector Camarena and Emilio Camarena.

Mrs Judge and Tournament Godmother Sainz de Minerva "Minerva Baja Tackle" certify weights and measures for animals and the Organising Committee team THEREFORE failure to award the prizes.

Mr. Julio Meza, president of the Association fishing Baja Sport Fishing in representation of Mr. Jesus Jorge Valdez, President of the National Federation of Fisheries AC, I certify the awards and the event.

Thank you to more than 70 fishermen who joined us and we agreed to return to the sig. edition of "CHALLENGE IN LORETO" in the form of Marlin, sailfish and dorado in the month of August and the Golden Derby in September.
Those who came to have a good time, explore, have fun and discover Loreto we will look at events designed to continue to enjoy this beautiful destination.

Your host INN AT LORETO BAY, Las Villas de Mexico and Homex await your next event.

Juan Acereto Cervera
Asociacion Estatal de Pesca Deportiva
de Sinaloa.
Tel. 01 (667) 716-82-12

ENSENADA - Mexico-The Best Retirement Destination

Mexico-The Best Retirement Destination

LOS BARRILES - 18th Annual Art Festival

18th Annual Art Festival on April 3, 2011 presented by The East Cape Arts Association, will be held at the Hotel Palmas de Cortez, in Los Barriles, from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Exhibits featuring local artisans, concession stands and the stage will be located in the wide-open grassy area, utilizing the driving range area on the left as you enter the main gate of the hotel. There will be entertainment and children’s programs throughout the day. Admission is free and ample free parking will be available. Please leave your pet at home. Food available for purchase includes traditional Mexican food, home made all beef hamburgers, premium hotdogs, baked goods and snacks. You can buy soft drinks and alcoholic beverages on the festival grounds. There will be additional festivities provided by Hotel Palmas de Cortez directly following the event. Those wishing to stay overnight can contact Hotel Palmas de Cortez (624) 141-0050. Ask about the special event rate.

The gates will open at 7:00 a.m. on the day of the event for vendor set-up. Vendors should reserve their booth early, as booth locations will be assigned on a first come-first serve basis. Contact the festival committee at, English: (624) 158-6309, or Spanish (624) 141-0380 for more information. All proceeds help the East Cape Arts Association (Asociacion de Artes del Mar de Cortez A.C.) bring the arts to local communities and schools.

BAJA SUR - April 3rd Daylight Saving Time

Baja California Sur - Apr 03, Sun. - Daylight Saving Time (DST) is also called "Summer Time" or "Daylight Savings Time," and begins in most of Mexico at 2 AM Sunday morning. Move your clocks ahead by 1 hour later (6 AM becomes 7 AM). The state of Sonora does not observe Daylight Saving Time.

NEWS & POLITICS - Mexicana staff wants govt loan


On Wednesday, several employees who formed an association to rescue Mexicana in October asked the federal government for a US$ 120-million loan to reopen the airline.

Guido Ebergenyi Vázquez, the Treasurer of the Pilots Union Association (ASPA), held a press conference to announce that he would present the Senate with a law proposal to extend the rights of the employees’ association, which would be named “the General Employees’ Association Law.”

He noted that all members of the airline staff agreed to form the association when the government announced that Mexicana could reopen.

Ebergenyi explained that two Mexican companies are interested in working with the association, and they are already negotiating new business development projects.

The association has already asked the federal government for a loan to supply capital to the airline so that investors can start financing its reopening. “We are no longer asking the federal government to save the company. We are asking for a loan. The government must be tired of providing capital to rescue bankrupt banks and businesses,” Ebergenyi said. “This is why the employees’ association is asking for a US$ 120-million loan to reopen the airline. The cash-flow would pay off the debt.”

The ASPA Treasurer said that several secretariats could raise money from their budgets to grant Mexicana the loan. In return, the association would pledge its brand-name and the airline’s routes as collateral against the loan. In less than two weeks, the two companies interested in investing in Mexicana will present the association with a detailed proposal.

NEWS & POLITICS- Elderly Man and His Dog Rescued off Coast of Mexico

(ENSENADA, Mexico) -- A 77-year-old man and his dog are safe after being stranded several days in high seas off the Mexican coast.

The U.S. Coast Guard rescued the man and dog from a disabled sailboat about 120 miles off the coast of Ensenada in Baja California Monday.

Shortly after 1 p.m., amateur HAM radio operator Rex Weinheimer picked up a mayday call over a HAM maritime network in Stonewall,Texas, near Austin.

"I heard someone calling, but I couldn't make it all out," Weinheimer told ABC News. "The communications were so horrible that I could not tell the mental state or anything. The signal would come up then drop out."

After 10 minutes of disrupted communication, he determined one person was aboard the disabled vessel. Weinheimer said he also gathered that the boat was floating at sea in rough weather with broken sails and lines.

A commercial freighter, about an hour from the sailboat at the time of the call, was the first to make an attempted rescue, but rough seas prevented the freighter from getting close enough to the sailboat.

The HAM operator notified the U.S. Coast Guard, who dispatched a MH-60 Jaywhawk helicopter and a C-130 Hercules plane.

The rescue team battled 12-15 foot swells and high winds to reach the boater.

A Coast Guard swimmer eventually evacuated the man and his dog from the boat. Both remained "calm considering being hoisted up in a helicopter at hurricane force wind," according to U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Henry Dunphy. "The dog sat on the man's lap the whole flight back to San Diego."

Dunphy told ABC News the man, who wasn't identified, had no recollection of how many days he had been at sea. The boat had set sail from Ventura, California. Because he lacked food and supplies, the man and dog apparently had been at sea for several days, possibly headed to Tahiti, according to the rescue crew.

He was taken to a San Diego hospital for a medical examination. Dunphy says both the man and his dog were fine.
Copyright 2011 ABC News Radio

TODOS SANTOS - 3-day Art Workshop with Jill Logan

3 Day Workshop with Jill Logan

Loosen Up - How To Simplify - Contact Your Personal Style - Color Theory - Beginners Welcome

Thursday April 7th : 7pm - 10pm
Friday April 8th : 10am - 4pm
Saturday April 9th : 10am - 1pm
$300 US - Class size limited to 10
Contact Jill Logan in Todos Santos BCS Mexico
Tel: (011 52) 612 14 50151


LORETO - Grand Opening of HOYO 19 Restaurant and Bar

The Grand Opening of HOYO 19 Restaurant and Bar, Thursday March 31 in the golf club of Nopolo Loreto, B.C.S. with service for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Management by Mita Gourmet Restaurant.

MEXICO - Global warming will keep affecting nation


MEXICO CITY – Blanca Elena Jiménez Cisneros, a researcher from the Faculty of Engineering of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), said Monday that if Mexico fails to take action on global warming, meteorological phenomena like heavy rains and drought will continue to occur in the country more frequently.

She said that Mexico has failed to implement any type of project or program that will eventually address the climate change problem. “Mexico is apparently not aware of the seriousness of this situation. There are no policies on water management or treatment. If we do not take care of the problem as soon as possible, the resources-availability problem in the country will be worse,” she said.

“And that is not the end of it, if we add global warming, then the situation is even worse, especially in places where water is already scarce. Unfortunately, in places where water is abundant, the problem will come in the form of floods or other water-related disasters. I’m sorry to say this, but our future is bleak and dark,” she noted.

The researcher said that in Mexico, water scarcity will become a problem in the near future, especially regarding quantity and quality. She noted that it is extremely important to raise awareness on the issue.

“True, Mexico is a country with high levels of water. A high percentage of our water is drinkable, but it is still below other Latin-American countries, including Cuba. Regarding water treatment, we are way behind the rest of the world, so there is still much work to be done,” she said.

She said that the country’s politicians have not done anything to implement efficient policies in water treatment. “There is no political will to deal with the issue. The problem is, although several efforts in water-sanitation projects have been made in Mexico City, other states are completely ignored, which only aggravates the situation,” she said.

Jiménez Cisneros pointed out that Mexico City is fortunate to have several water treatment plants that give the city high rates of potable water, but noted that there are other problems like pollution and leakage.


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, March 22, 2011
With an eye on expansion, the Cabo Marine Show aims to create and position the first International Boat Show and
Marine Products and Services Expo in the Baja California peninsula in Mexico — and the Cabo San Lucas marina is
poised to remain the key location for this event. The products and services participating in Cabo Marine Show 2011
reflect an ever‐growing segment of the Baja California Sur marine and leisure travel market.
“We’ve had to start small” says Sergio Igartua, organizer of Cabo Marine Show, “and our goal over the next two to
three years is to grow this event to include world class boat manufacturers and distributors, marine accessories and
services from all over Mexico and abroad.”
Toward that end, Cabo Marine Show, in its second annual installment, has already grown, partnering in 2011 with IGY
Marina Cabo San Lucas, FONATUR, Marina Golden Zone and Otaduy Yachts.
“IGY Marina Cabo San Lucas is proud to be the official marina for the second annual Cabo Marine Show” said Bert
Fowles, VP of Marketing for Island Global Yachting. “This important annual event is geared for growth, and we are
happy to be a part of it.”
Cabo Marine Show 2011 runs from April 21 to 23, with more than 40 local and foreign vendors and an expected
audience of more than 3,000 people. Here is a glimpse of the many products and services scheduled to roll out at this
year’s event:
• IGY Marina Cabo San Lucas is offering new transient and annual slip pricing specials available during the Show.
• Otaduy Yachts, New Construction & Brokerage, introduces new Bertram representation for the Baja Sur area.
• Specialized Marine Services debuts as first Eco‐Friendly, Full Service Professional Boat Detail Company in Mexico.
• Parker Village Marine Tec presents its new line of portable water treatment systems and desalination systems.
• Cabo Riviera offers its unique master‐planned, oceanfront community in the East Cape area of Los Cabos.
• Mexico Grand Hotels debuts its Genesis vacation ownership program for Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa.
For more information please visit or contact  
Marty Olver
Media Relations  
US: 503‐243‐148

BAJA LOVE RIDE - Baja State Officials Stand United with Event Promoter

Baja Officials Stand United with Baja Love Ride

San Felipe, Baja California, March 17 - The Baja Love Ride is a 4-day “ride for cause” fund raising bicycling event that will stretch from Rosarito Beach to San Felipe and will also include admission to the 5th Annual San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta. The event is designed to showcase the best of Baja, illustrate public safety and simultaneously promote tourism. This event promises to not only bring the Baja communities together, but also benefit those facets of Baja society that need help the most, the children of Baja.

Baja California Secretary of Tourism, Juan Tintos Funcke and the state have all fully supported the idea of the event from its conception. This week, officials with the Baja California Secretary of Tourism office have committed themselves further to the success of the Baja Love Ride, by approving the participation of high ranking state tourism delegates. In addition to escorts by the Mexican Federal Police, Red Cross and Green Angels, state officials Hector Higuera Aguilar, Tourist Assistance Chief, State Secretariat of Tourism and Arturo Martinez Deputy Director of Visitor Assistance and Facilitation, State Secretariat of Tourism of Baja California and other delegates of the state will be joining the riders of the Baja Love Ride for the full 4 days to share in this unique and unforgettable Baja experience.

The ride will begin on Tuesday March 22, at 10AM in front of the Rosarito Beach Hotel and will finish Friday March 25, at 3PM at the Arches of San Felipe. All riders will receive complimentary tickets to the Blues and Arts Fiesta on Saturday March 26, another charitable event to help the children of Baja that also draws a huge crowd each year.

The promoters of this event want to encourage everyone that loves Baja, whether you own a bicycle or not, to be a part of this event in one way or another. You are encouraged to ride, volunteer or donate. Proceeds raised in each community will remain in each community to support the local children's organizations that desperately need continuous help. This is the time to stand up and be counted. Baja and its residents have been taking a hit from US media, which has led to an undeserved reputation of Baja being unsafe for tourist, an industry Baja relies heavily upon. Now is the time to help dispel reports that lead people to believe Baja is anything but safe, secure and a wonderful place to visit and live. Alongside the event promoters and the Baja California Secretary of Tourism, we all need to stand together and show the world that Baja is a welcoming destination overflowing with people that care about their communities, their children and their country.

Taking part in the Baja Love Ride is bound to be a memorable experience for those looking to be involved in improving the lives of children and also looking to take in the beauty, serenity, hospitality and luxury Baja has to offer every step of the way. Helping others and pampering your senses at the same time is what the Baja Love Ride can give to riders, spectators and volunteers all along the route. Please join us.

NEWS - ABC News: Japan Earthquake

ABC News - Japan Earthquake: Before And After - Aerial photos taken over Japan revealed the scale of devastation across dozens of suburbs and tens of thousands of homes and businesses. Move your cursor over each satellite photo to view the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami: CLICK HERE Courtesy for Baja Western Onion.

ENSENADA - Skydive Guadalupe

Skydive Guadalupe
Skydive Spring Break, March 25, 26 &27
Guadalupe Valley-Ensenada

Tandem Jumps in the middle of the wineyards, our Drop Zone is located just in the middle of the wineyards between L.A. Cetto and Paralelo.
Our fleet 2 Cessnas 210 Turbo, we jump from a hight of 10,000 feet at 200 km/hr
Our tandem instructors are USPA certified with more than 14,000 jumps on their log books

Come and join us in the Guadalupe Vallley
Restaurant @ the DZ "Skydiving & Skydinning" Bbq Grill kitchen, beer, wine, blueskies!

Contact Numbers: 1747335 Direct, 6461464799 Mobile, & 152*182914*4 Nextel
Skydive Guadalupe

BLUES & ARTS - Tavo's Revolution

Tavo's Revolution is a beloved homegrown San Felipe band. This band is ever popular with a loyal following, and performs regularly in several venues in town and on the Ranch. The talented group is composed of sophisticated musicians and a lady vocalist, who deliver great music in a friendly, funky style. Tavo, the band's namesake and steady drummer, is a revered local pharmacist, community activist, and always the most affable of men. Come listen to Tavo's Revolution and you will understand why San Felipe loves this band so much!

LORETO - Fishing Tournament at the Inn at Loreto Bay

1st Loreto Baja Yellow Tail Tournament
March 25th, 26th & 27th at the Inn at Loreto Bay

OVER $6,500 in Cash prices!

Entry Fees:

$200 usd per person
$100 usd per Loreto residents

Fee includes:

-2 night/3 days at the Inn
-Ice breaker cocktail
-Award Ceremony

For more information and Reservations:

Katherine Joan Clark
613-133-00-10 ext.7302

LOS BARRILES - The Wild Adventures of Pericles Cosmic Space Traveler

Baja Shakespeare is thrilled to announce their 11th Annual Production: The Wild Adventures of Pericles Cosmic Space Traveler. Pericles is a rarely performed romance, one that most Shakespeare buffs have never seen. We’ve found ways to make this play more fun by adding music, a few changes to the text and transposed the action to a space age universe of wild, cosmic characters. Think Star Trek meets Star Wars featuring Buzz Lightyear. You’ll want to park your cosmic space shuttles in the front row of the inter galactic Rancho Buena Vista.

Save the dates: Opening Thursday March 24, Friday 25, Saturday 26 & Closing Sunday March 27. Show starts promptly at 7pm. Will Call & the Moon Bar will open at 6pm. All 4 shows will be Cocktail Theatre only. There will be no dinners available at Rancho Buena Vista this year. Tickets will be available early March at The Smokehouse, our sole outlet, for the same price as past years $20 or 240 pesos. For more information: Will Call: (Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)

DONATE to the 2011 Japan Crisis

A massive 8.9/9.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific Ocean nearby Northeastern Japan at around 2:46pm on March 11 (JST) causing damage with blackouts, fire and tsunami. On this page we are providing the information regarding the disaster and damage with realtime updates.

The large earthquake triggered a tsunami warning for countries all around the Pacific ocean.

Your donations will support disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Note that donations to the Japanese Red Cross Society must be made in yen (2000 yen is approximately 25 US dollars).


LORETO - Book Signing: Markes Johnson

WHAT: Book reading and signing
WHEN: Sunday, March 20th at 6 pm
WHERE: El Caballo Blanco Bookstore
WHO: Markes Johnson (geologist)
WHAT: Exerpt from his latest book about Baja Islas (including Coronado and Monserrat).

Last year, Markes Johnson (author of 2 geology books, and currently writing a third) came to El Caballo Blanco for a signing. More than 70 people showed up! He is making a return visit with his college class this Sunday, (March 20th), bringing more copies of his first book, 1 copy of his atlas, and printouts of maps and illustrations in his new book. He'll read excerpts of Chapter 2 to us. What an honor! We will be the first to hear it and will also have a chance to ask questions. If published as written, two of the chapters will cover Isla Coronados and Isla Monserrat. Markes has the unique ability to make college level geology friendly enough for someone like me (who collects rocks because they are "magic") to understand and enjoy. Information, great conversations, wine and snacks at El Caballo Blanco Bookstore, Sunday at 6!

LOS BARRILES - 18th Annual Festival de Artes

The Asociacion de Artes del Mar de Cortez invites all artists and artisans to participate in our 18th annual Festival de Artes at beautiful Hotel Palmas de Cortez in Los Barriles on Sunday, April 3rd! To register, please contact the festival committee at or call (624)158-6309 English or (624)141-0380 Spanish. Due to the growing number of participants of this event and our desire to accommodate everyone's booth size requests, we are asking that all artists/artisans sign up through these contact numbers to receive confirmation of registration. It's very easy, and will help us ensure that everyone is accounted for and all booth requests are granted. Those who arrive without a reservation will of course be welcome, but booth assignment will be subject to availability at that time, so register now, check in early (between 6 - 9AM) on Festival Day, and have a great time!

More than 1,000 spectators are expected to attend this colorful and fun-filled event, which will be located on the wide-open grassy area utilizing the hotel driving range - a perfect opportunity for artists and craftsmen to exhibit their original paintings and handcrafted items. Additionally there will be live entertainment & children's programs throughout the day, delicious American and Mexican food, beverages, snacks, baked goods, raffles and more. Join us for one of the area's most popular and well attended annual events, benefiting the East Cape Arts Association in its efforts to bring the arts to local communities and schools!

ENSENADA - Skydivers in Ensenada

The Drop Zone is located at the landstirpe in between Paralelo and Cetto. We do jumps one weekend each month with our Tandem Instructors are USPA certified. Jumps at 10k feet, 50 sec freefall and 7 min canopy fly. for more informations contact Fabrcio

SPANISH - Word of the Day

Spanish Word a Day
Submitted by:

(el) planeta = planet
Pronounced: plah-néh-tah
Type: noun
Example: El planeta corre peligro por nuestra culpa.
Translation: The planet is in danger and it's our fault.

Copyright 2011, GB Blanchard

NEWS & POLITICS - Handful of 'heroes' battles to keep nuclear plant under control

Tokyo (CNN) -- After three explosions and a fire in four days, the situation at Japan's earthquake-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant grew more serious Tuesday, chasing all but a handful of workers from the site and raising fears of a far more dangerous radiation threat.

The latest incidents, an explosion Tuesday at the plant's No. 2 reactor and a fire in a cooling pond used for nuclear fuel at the No. 4 reactor, briefly pushed radiation levels at the plant to about 167 times the average annual dose of radiation, according to details released by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

That dose would quickly dissipate with distance from the plant, and radiation quickly fell back to levels where it posed no immediate public health threat, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said.

But the deteriorating situation and concerns about a potential shift in wind direction that could loft radiation toward populated areas prompted authorities to warn people as far as 18.6 miles (30 kilometers) away from the plant to stay inside.

"There is still a very high risk of further radioactive material coming out," Prime Minister Naoto Kan said, asking people to remain calm.

About 200,000 people living within a 12.4-mile (20 kilometer) radius of the plant already had been evacuated.

Authorities also banned flights over the area and evacuated most workers from the plant. Those who remained behind continued a seesaw, last-ditch effort to flood reactors with seawater to keep them cool and prevent a wider environmental and public health catastrophe.

"Their situation is not great," said David Brenner, director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University. "It's pretty clear that they will be getting very high doses of radiation. There's certainly the potential for lethal doses of radiation. They know it, and I think you have to call these people heroes."

Troubles at the plant began shortly after the 9.0-magnitude earthquake that struck Friday off the shore of northeast Japan.

Although the plant's three functioning reactors shut down automatically when they detected the quake, the tsunami that followed swamped the diesel generators that provided backup power to the reactor cooling systems.

Crews eventually were able to restore backup power, but problems keeping the reactors cool eventually forced plant officials to take the drastic step of flooding them with seawater in a bid to keep the temperatures down. Still, pressure buildups, problems with valves and even a failure to fill a generator's gas tank have led to explosions and other problems with keeping the reactors under control.

Tuesday's incidents appeared to escalate the situation: Edano said the radiation releases from the explosion and fire were the first that appeared to pose a threat to human health, if only briefly.

Radiation levels also spiked Monday, after workers vented steam to release pressure, but the levels quickly dropped, officials said.

It was still unclear how much radioactive material may have been emitted, what kind of health threat that could pose or when the danger would end.

Japanese officials earlier told the International Atomic Energy Agency that radioactivity was "being released directly into the atmosphere" during the fire, according to a statement from the U.N. watchdog organization.

High temperatures inside the building that houses the plant's No. 4 reactor may have caused fuel rods sitting in a pool to ignite or explode, the plant's owner said.

Crews put that fire out, and by Tuesday afternoon, Edano said radiation readings -- which had reached dangerously high levels at the plant earlier -- had decreased.

Still, concerns about hot radioactive fuel boiling off cooling water and catching on fire continued into Wednesday, with plant operators and government officials considering a plan to use helicopters to drop water into the cooling pond through the damaged roof of the reactor building, according to a Kyodo News report.

And as if the suddenly minimal crew at the plant did not already have enough to worry about, Edano said, cooling systems at two other reactors, No. 5 and No. 6, now were "not functioning well."
Tuesday's announcement "points to something different, something more serious" after the explosion at the No. 2 reactor, CNN analyst James Walsh said. "But we don't have the definitive evidence yet."

Edano said earlier that he could not rule out the possibility of a meltdown at all three troubled reactors at the plant.

A meltdown occurs when nuclear fuel rods cannot be cooled and melt the steel and concrete structure containing them. In the worst-case scenario, the fuel can spill out of the containment unit and spread toxic radioactivity through the air and water. That, public health officials say, can cause both immediate and long-term health problems, including radiation poisoning and cancer.

If fuel rods inside the reactors are melting, Walsh said, a key detail is whether the melted material stays inside the reactor.

"The Japanese plants and all modern plants have a containment vessel. Essentially the reactor is inside of a vault. And that vault is made of thick concrete and steel," Walsh said. "The million-dollar question is whether that melting will be contained. ... We'll know within 24 hours. That's the key thing people should be paying attention to."

The long-term impact on public health from the crisis at the plant remains unclear. At the moment, it appears minimal, Brenner said.

"I think, at this point in time, there's no real evidence that there are health risks to the general population," he said.

Until crews are able to bring the situation under full control, it's impossible to say how much radiation may be released from the plants or for how long.

A fresh concern was the weather. Wind patterns that had been blowing the thin plume of radiation out to sea appeared to be shifting towards more populated areas, CNN meteorologist Jennifer Delgado said. The IAEA said it believed the winds would continue to blow the radiation out over the ocean, where it would pose little risk to overseas populations.

The U.S. Department of Energy has sent a team and a package of monitoring equipment to help detect any movement of dangerous concentrations of radiation toward population centers, Energy Secretary Steven Chu said Tuesday.

U.S. Navy personnel in Japan began limiting outdoor activities and securing external ventilation systems after instruments aboard an aircraft carrier docked in Yokosuka detected low levels of radioactivity from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, the Navy said.

The USS George Washington was docked for maintenance about 175 miles (280 kilometers) from the plant when instruments detected the radiation at 7 a.m. Tuesday (6 p.m. ET Monday), the Navy said in a statement.

"These measures are strictly precautionary in nature. We do not expect that any United States federal radiation exposure limits will be exceeded even if no precautionary measures are taken," the Navy said.

On Monday, defense officials said the Navy had repositioned the USS Ronald Reagan after detecting low-level radiation on some sailors and equipment.

Radiation levels in Tokyo, 223 kilometers (138 miles) southwest of the plant, were twice the usual level on Tuesday. The concentration -- 0.809 microsieverts per hour -- still was too negligible to pose a health threat, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said.

TODOS SANTOS - Bill McCann Book Signing

Bill McCann Book Signing - Bill McCann, author of "The Whorehouse is on Fire" will be signing books and answering questions about his work on Monday, March 14 from 11:30-2:30. 

"This fast paced picaresque odyssey lays to waste corruption ridden California of the Gray Davis era and the rescue of the state by the an action hero, the Terminator. A great read for W as he wings his way Westward toward Crawford. Characters such as Dred Gravis, Loman Flume, Scales Lemming, and Hymie Gutterman abound. --The Cobra - (Maureen Dowd, NY Times" 

El Tecolote Bookstore, Juarez at Hidalgo, Todos Santos

SAN FELIPE - Kitchen Witches (Comedy Play)

Kitchen Witches - Comedy Play
by Caroline Smith, Directer  by Connie Morgan

If you can’t stand the laughter, then stay out of the kitchen. When Dolly and her nemesis, Isobel, get cast in the same cable cooking show, trouble starts a’brewing. It’s a fool proof recipe for chaos and comedy as the two arch rivals each do their best to upstage the other. These “kitchen witches” are cooking up a storm! The audience gets to play the role of cable studio audience. If you like comedy, you’ll enjoy this play from the moment the curtain rises.

Event Information: San Felipe BC Mexico, El Dorado Pavilion
Thursday - March 31st
Dinner (not included): 5PM
Cocktail Hour (no host bar): 6PM
Showtime: 7PM

Cost:  $15 pre-sale - BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!

$15 for Baja Good Life Club & $20 Non-mamebers at door.
US toll free 800-LUV MEX1 Ex. 4 or MX Cell 686-230-9933.
Portions of the proceeds go to Baja Love Ride.

ENSENADA - Skydivers in Ensenada

The Drop Zone is located at the landstirpe in between Paralelo and Cetto. We do jumps one weekend each month with our Tandem Instructors are USPA certified. Jumps at 10k feet, 50 sec freefall and 7 min canopy fly. for more informations contact Fabrcio -

Blueskies - Fabricio

SAN FELIPE - Results 25th SCORE San Felipe 250

SCORE MEDIA CONTACT: Dominic Clark, 702.735.7123,
March 13, 2011
Saturday in Mexico
Masterful MacCachren rolls to Overall, SCORE Trophy-Truck victory

At 25th anniversary MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250
Davis captures unlimited Class 1, Udall/Kargola ride Honda to Overall Motorcycle & Class 22 win;

Race honored memory of long-time SCORE Mexican liaison Jose 'Pepe' Limon
    SAN FELIPE, Mexico—Adding yet another jewel to his illustrious desert racing crown, Las Vegas' Rob MacCachren overpowered a talent-laden field of 220 starters to capture the overall and SCORE Trophy-Truck victory Saturday in the 25th MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250.  SCORE released the official results today after completion of vehicle data tracking device review.
     Setting a blistering pace right from the start in San Felipe in the No. 20 MasterCraft Racing Ford F-150 SCORE Trophy-Truck, 'Rockstar Rob' covered the sandy, silty, rocky and dusty 252.09-mile course in just four hours, 17 minutes, 45 seconds, averaging an impressive 58.68 miles per hour.
     Surging past a strong field of 24 SCORE Trophy-Trucks, the marquee SCORE racing division for high-tech, 850-horsepower unlimited production trucks, MacCachren earned his 45th career SCORE class win, his eighth career SCORE Trophy-Truck race win along with his seventh class win including his third SCORE Trophy-Truck and overall race victory in San Felipe.
     The Las Vegas native who has also been selected to the AARWBA All-America motorsports team six times and has eight SCORE season class point championships on his racing resume, MacCachren, 45, beat not only the cars and trucks, but also the motorcycles and ATVs that competed in the popular 'spring break' event.
     His hard-earned victory margin was just 44 seconds as defending San Felipe SCORE Trophy-Truck and reigning SCORE Trophy-Truck season point champion Jesse Jones, Litchfield Park, Ariz., who diced back and forth with MacCachren the entire race, averaging 58.52mph in the No. 1 Jones Motorsports Ford F-250. Jones also finished second overall as SCORE Trophy-Trucks lived up to their star billing by claiming the top 10 overall finishing positions in the race.
     Finishing third overall and in SCORE Trophy-Truck was the 2005 championship son/father team of Andy and Scott McMillin of National City, Calif., with a time of 4:18:53, averaging 58.43mph in the No. 31 McMillin Realty Ford F-150. The McMillins were also in the hunt all day, finishing just 24 seconds behind Jones and one minute, eight seconds behind MacCachren in an extremely close finish among the podium placements.
     Fourth overall and in SCORE Trophy-Truck was the pole-sitting brother team of Nick, Larry and Mike Vanderwey of Phoenix who completed the course in 4:26:53 (56.67mph) in the No. 84 Flying Dutchmen Racing Chevy Silverado.
     Gary Weyhrich, Troutdale, Ore., finished fifth overall and in SCORE Trophy-Truck with a time of 4:27:07 (56.63mph) in the No. 98 TSCO Motorsports Ford F-150.
     Youthful Justin Davis, the 17-year old phenom from Chino Hills, Calif., won his second straight class win in the unlimited Class 1 in an ESM-Chevy. Davis, who won last year's SCORE Lite season point championship, is in his first year in the unlimited open-wheel racing class and finished 11th overall in San Felipe.
     The 220 starters from 22 States, nine countries competed in 28 Pro and 6 Sportsman classes for cars, truck, motorcycles and ATVs. The dramatic 252.09-mile course covered three of the legendary, picturesque and treacherous Baja washes and canyons: Matomi, Huatomote and Chanate before heading back to the finish line in the shadow of the landmark San Felipe Arches.  A total of 148 adventurers officially completed the rugged course within the 11-hour time limit for an amazing 67.3 finishing percentage. 
     Earning the overall motorcycle victory for the second straight year was the Johnny Campbell Racing team of Colton Udall/Jeff Kargola of San Clemente, Calif. They divided up the riding on the JCR/Honda CRF450X to a winning time of 4:36:51, averaging 54.63 mph over the brutally-tough course.
     Brandon Brown, Umatilla, Ore., led hist team to the Overall ATV and his third SCORE Class 24 victory in the last four SCORE Baja races on a Honda TRX450R.  Brown, the reigning SCORE Overall ATV and Class 24 season point champion, split the riding time fairly equally with co-riders Jorie Williams, Longview, Wash./Kenny Sanford, Tacoma, Wash./Robbie Mitchell, Price, Utah. They covered the course in 6:17:13, averaging 40.10mph to defeat a field of 27 Pro ATVs that started the race.
     Riding a Kawasaki KX450F, Shane Esposito, Lake Elsinore, Calif./Bobby Garrison, Hesperia, Calif. and Steve Hengeveld, Oak Hills, Calif., finished second overall among motorcycles and in Class 22, a total of 21 minutes, 19 seconds behind the winning Udall/Kargola JCR/Honda team.
     SCORE Trophy-Trucks have now won 15 overalls in San Felipe in the 18-year history of SCORE's premier racing division.
     In the first 25 years of this race, Honda has earned 16 overall motorcycle victories (including the last six years straight and 14 of the last 15 years), Kawasaki has six, KTM has two and Husqvarna has one.
    "We struggled with the power steering since San Matias," commented MacCachren, who won in SCORE Trophy-Truck for the first time since 2007. "Every bump you hit…you can't go hard; you just cruise. We took off with just a real conservative pace and they started dropping one by one. When we dropped into Matomi Wash, Jesse (Jones) was first on the road, (Gary) Weyhrich was second and I was third. Jesse Jones had a flat tire right at the beginning of Matomi and we got by him." 
     "He was getting stuck so we went by and right at the end of Matomi, we got by Weyhrich and then we had the physical lead all the way in. The power steering, we were really struggling with that and Jesse was pretty much on my bumper the whole way in. I knew he had to get by me and put 30 seconds on me to win and we were going to do everything we could to keep that from happening. There were absolutely no problems at all with the truck (other than the power steering) and we didn't have any flats. I really needed this (win); it's great."
     Winning Class 60 (motorcycle riders over 60 years old) for the fourth time in five years, Donald Lewis, Marlborough, Conn., had help from Jim O'Neal along with other co-riders Sam Dempsey, Lake Balboa, Calif./Bob Gates, Hesperia, Calif./Ron Dugan, Upland, Calif. For O'Neal he increased his winning streak in San Felipe to 13 class wins in the last 11 consecutive years. O'Neal also led a team in Class 50 which finished second to the team led by Jim Dizney, Alpine, Calif.
     Winning for the second straight year in the 14-car field in Class 1-2/1600 was Cody Robinson, El Centro, Calif., who split driving with veteran Roberto Romo of Mexicali, Mexico in a Romo-VW.
     Defeating a field of 15 starters in SCORE Lite was the team of Steven Eugenio, Alpine, Calif./Adam Pfankuch, Oceanside, Calif., in a Prill-VW. It was the seventh career class win in San Felipe for Pfankuch.
     Pulling off their second consecutive class wins to start off the 2011 SCORE Desert Series were Kevin Carr, San Diego (Class 5, VW Baja Bug), Dan Chamlee, Carpenteria, Calif. (Class 7, Ford Ranger), Clyde Stacy, Bristol, Va. (Class 4, PSD-Chevy), Elias Hanna, San Diego (Class 7SX, Ford Ranger), John Matney, Bristol, Va. (Stock Full, Dodge Ram2500) and Emilio Salcido, Mexicali, Mexico (Class 5/1600, VW Baja Bug).
     Among the other car and truck Class winners were: Heidi Steele, San Clemente, Calif. (Class 6, Ford Ranger), Noah Ostanik, Encinitas, Calif. (Class 8, Ford F-150), Matt Cullen, Long Beach, Calif. (Class 10, AlumiCraft-VW) and Bruce Finchum, Mesa, Ariz. (Class 7-2, TrophyLite-Chevy).
     Among the other motorcycle class winners were teams led by Mike Johnson, El Paso, Texas (Class 30, Honda CRF450X), Mike Prunty, Temecula, Calif. (Class 40, Honda CRF450X) and David Gonzalez Jr, Chula, Vista, Calif. (Class 21, KTM 450XCW).
     Winning the ATV Class 25 was the team led by Mike Cafro, Bonsall, Calif., on a Honda TRX450R. It was Cafro's third career class win in this race.
     Among the other SCORE Trophy-Truck finishers was Las Vegas' Bryce Menzies, a SCORE rookie who won this year's season-opening SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge in January, who finished sixth in class and overall in the No. 70 Menzies Motorsports Ford F-150.
     Television reality star Jesse James, Austin, Texas, had his highest finish ever in a SCORE race by finishing eighth overall and eighth in SCORE Trophy-Truck in the No. 54 James Motorsports Chevy Silverado. 
     The fastest overall Sportsman winners were: Ulises Fierro, Tijuana, Mexico (SPT M/C 450cc>, Honda CRF450X), Nick Tonelli, Huntington Beach, Calif. (SPT Truck, Ford Ranger) and Ivan Espinoza, Mexicali, Mexico (SPT ATV, Honda TRX450R).
     Following January's season-opening SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge, the World's Foremost Desert Racing Series visited Mexico for the first of its three annual SCORE Baja races.
     As part of the festivities of the Silver Anniversary of the popular SCORE 'spring-break' race, SCORE made it a memorial race to honor long-time SCORE Mexican liaison Jose 'Pepe' Limon, who passed away last November at age 73.
     In addition to season class point championships, the racers were also competing for part of the nearly $400,000 in cash purse and contingency postings in this event. Drivers in the Pro car and truck classes were also attempting to earn prestigious SCORE Toyota Milestone Awards given to drivers who complete every required mile of the five-race season.  Racers are also competing for the annual SCORE Off-Roadsman of the Year awards, including the MasterCraft Safety SCORE Rookie of the Year award, which includes a $2,000 MasterCraft bonus.
      Round 2 of the 2011 SCORE Desert Series, the MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 annually provides a greater economic impact to San Felipe than the popular six-week-long 'Spring Break'.
     This race began in 1982 and was not held between 1985 and 1989, the first five years of the seven-year combined High Desert Racing Association-HDRA/SCORE Desert Series of US and Baja races. It has been held consecutively each year since 1990.
      Current SCORE official annual sponsors are: BFGoodrich Tires-official tire, Volkswagen of America-official vehicle, Sunoco Race Fuels -official fuel supplier, Bilstein-official shock, Instant Mexico Auto Insurance-official Mexican auto insurance and Slime-official tire sealant. Associate sponsors are: Tecate Beer, Coca-Cola of Mexico, Las Vegas Events, Blue C Advertising, SignPros, P.C.I. Race Radios, McKenzie's Performance Products and Advanced Color Graphics.
     While MasterCraft Safety and Tecate are co-title sponsors of the 25th MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250, additional race sponsors are: the Tourism and Convention Bureau of Mexicali/San Felipe and Cotuco. Additional sponsors in Baja are the Office of the Secretary of Tourism of Baja California and ProTurismo de Ensenada.
     For more information, contact SCORE at its Los Angeles headquarters 818.225.8402 or visit the official website of the 2011 SCORE Desert Series at
MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250

All-Time Overall Champions
Pro Cars & Trucks
Year--Driver(s), Vehicle (Class)
1982--Dan Cornwell, Chenowth-VW (Class 1)
1983--Corky McMillin/Scott McMillin, Chenowth-Porsche (Class 2)
1984--Scott McMillin/Corky McMillin, Chenowth-Porsche (Class 2)
1990--Brian Collins/Jack Johnson, Chenowth-VW (Class 1)
1991--Larry Ragland, Chevy C1500 (Class 8)
1992--Bob Richey/Boyd Cox, Raceco-Porsche (Class 1)
1993--Scott Douglas, Ford Ranger (Class 7)
1994--Ivan Stewart, Toyota SR5 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
1995--Larry Ragland, Chevy C1500 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
1996--Robby Gordon, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
1997--Curt LeDuc, Jeep Grand Cherokee (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
1998--Mark Post/Jerry Whelchel, Riviera-Chevy (Class 1)
1999--Ed Herbst/Tim Herbst, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
2000--Tim Herbst/Ed Herbst, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
2001--Tim Herbst/Ed Herbst, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
2002--Dan Smith/David Ashley, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
2003--Gus Vildosola/Rob MacCachren, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
2004--Mark Post/Jerry Whelchel, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
2005--Andy McMillin/Scott McMillin, Jimco-Chevy (Class 1)
2006--Garron Cadiente, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
2007--Mark Post/Rob MacCachren, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
2008--Brian Collins, Dodge Ram1500 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
2009--Brian Collins, Dodge Ram1500 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
2010--Armin Schwarz/Martin Christensen, Jimco-BMW (Class 1)
2011--Rob MacCachren, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
Pro Motorcycles
Year--Rider(s), Vehicle
1982--Bob Balentine, Honda XR500 (Class 22)
1983--Jack Johnson, Honda XR500 (Class 22)
1984--Dan Smith/Dan Ashcraft, Husqvarna CR500 (Class 22)
1990--Dan Smith/Danny Hamel, KTM (Class 22)
1991--Larry Roeseler/Ted Hunnicut Jr, Kawasaki KX500 (Class 22)
1992--Larry Roeseler/Ted Hunnicut Jr, Kawasaki KX500 (Class 22)
1993--Danny Hamel, Kawasaki KX500 (Class 22)
1994--Danny Hamel, Kawasaki KX500 (Class 22)
1995--Danny Hamel, Kawasaki KX500 (Class 22)
1996--Paul Krause, Kawasaki KX500 (Class 22)
1997--Tim Staab, Honda XR650 (Class 22)
1998--Johnny Campbell/Tim Staab, Honda XR650 (Class 22)
1999--Johnny Campbell/Cole Marshall, Honda XR650 (Class 22)
2000--Johnny Campbell/Tim Staab, Honda XR650 (Class 22)
2001--Steve Hengeveld/Jonah Street, Honda XR650R (Class 22)
2002--Steve Hengeveld/Johnny Campbell, Honda XR650R (Class 22)
2003--Steve Hengeveld/Johnny Campbell, Honda XR650R (Class 22)
2004--Steve Hengeveld/Johnny Campbell, Honda XR650R (Class 22)
2005--Chris Blais/Andy Grider/Quinn Cody, KTM MXC525 (Class 22)
2006--Robby Bell/Kendall Norman, Honda CRF450X (Class 22)
2007--Robby Bell/Kendall Norman, Honda CRF450X (Class 22)
2008--Robby Bell/Johnny Campbell, Honda CRF450X (Class 22)
2009--Kendall Norman/Timmy Weigand, Honda CRF450X (Class 22)
2010--Colton Udall/Jeff Kargola, Honda CRF450X (Class 22)
2011--Colton Udall/Jeff Kargola, Honda CRF450X (Class 22)
Sportsman Cars & Trucks
Year--Driver(s), Vehicle (Class)
2008--Peter Lang, Homebuilt-Chevy (SPT Car)
2009--Peter Lang, Homebuilt-Chevy (SPT Car)
2010--Wendell Mortensen, Raceco-VW (SPT Car)
2011--Peter Lang, Homebuilt-Chevy (SPT Car)
Sportsman Motorcycles
Year--Rider(s), Vehicle
2008--Bill Gilbert, Honda CRF450X (SPT M/C>250cc)
2009--Jeff Leonard, Bakersfield, Calif., Honda CRF450X (SPT M/C>250cc)
2010--Ron Tolman, Honda CRF450X (SPT M/C<250cc)
2011—Ulises Fierro, Tijuana, Mexico, Honda CRF450X (SPT M/C 450cc>)