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BGLC DISCOUNT - Tankreto Precast Cistern Systems

BGLC DISCOUNT - Tankreto Precast Cistern Systems
Cabo San Lucas, BCS Mexico
BGLC Member Discount: 10% discount

STRONG - The TANKRETO precast cistern system is fabricated in a shop for the highest quality control. The process is monolithic, meaning all poured in one piece, which avoids cold joints that may cause leaks. After the pour, the unit is taken out of the mold and filled with water to insure there are no leaks and facilitate curing. The TANKRETO cistern has two parts, tank and top, which are sealed at the time of installation.

DURABLE - The top can support 4 tons and can be installed in a driveway or garage. The unit has two holes in one side for intake and outflow. The top has easy access for making connections during installation.

GUARANTEED - The TANKRETO precast cistern system saves time and money and has a lifetime guarantee. Installation is completed in less than a day. You provide the hole and we provide the unit. TANKRETO systems can be connected in any number for greater capacity. Available in 5,000 or 10,000 liters.

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