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The Light Side of TJ - A letter to the San Diego Reader

I would like to comment on the article that was published in the February 24 Reader, “Yonder Lies It: Messages from Tijuana” by Lorena Mancilla. The title of the article is “Rehab: A Public Nightmare in Tijuana.” Here we have, once again, another article in the paper depicting a sordid side of the city. And many, many, many articles appearing in the Reader seem to focus on the dark side or a sordid side of the city.

It would be nice for readers to know that there are thousands of Americans living in the Tijuana area — the Playas-Tijuana area, Rosarito Beach — who feel that Tijuana is a very beautiful place to live. There’s a lot of art, there’s a lot of wonderful activities, there’s a lot of natural beauty. Many Americans feel that as a retirement place this is a wonderful place to live, and many people don’t see, or seem to feel that they see, all the violence that the paper suggests is all around them. But most importantly, this is a city that has many wonderful things, and it’s unfortunate that the media seems to dwell on the negative aspects.

Any city — Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago — has some very, very, very bad areas, and if these areas were publicized as much as the bad things in Tijuana are publicized no one would probably ever visit the United States either. So this is just a thought from an American who has been traveling back and forth to Baja for many years.

Vivian Marlene Dunbar
Playas Tijuana

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