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LORETO - Book Signing: Markes Johnson

WHAT: Book reading and signing
WHEN: Sunday, March 20th at 6 pm
WHERE: El Caballo Blanco Bookstore
WHO: Markes Johnson (geologist)
WHAT: Exerpt from his latest book about Baja Islas (including Coronado and Monserrat).

Last year, Markes Johnson (author of 2 geology books, and currently writing a third) came to El Caballo Blanco for a signing. More than 70 people showed up! He is making a return visit with his college class this Sunday, (March 20th), bringing more copies of his first book, 1 copy of his atlas, and printouts of maps and illustrations in his new book. He'll read excerpts of Chapter 2 to us. What an honor! We will be the first to hear it and will also have a chance to ask questions. If published as written, two of the chapters will cover Isla Coronados and Isla Monserrat. Markes has the unique ability to make college level geology friendly enough for someone like me (who collects rocks because they are "magic") to understand and enjoy. Information, great conversations, wine and snacks at El Caballo Blanco Bookstore, Sunday at 6!

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