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SAN FELIPE - Kitchen Witches - Theater Play

SAN FELIPE - Kitchen Witches - Theater Play
by Caroline Smith, Directer  by Connie Morgan
If you can’t stand the laughter, then stay out of the kitchen. When Dolly and her nemesis, Isobel, get cast in the same cable cooking show, trouble starts a’brewing. It’s a fool proof recipe for chaos and comedy as the two arch rivals each do their best to upstage the other. These “kitchen witches” are cooking up a storm! The audience gets to play the role of cable studio audience. If you like comedy, you’ll enjoy this play from the moment the curtain rises.

San Felipe BC Mexico, El Dorado Pavilion
Thursday - March 31st
  • Dinner (not included): 5PM
  • Cocktail Hour (no host bar): 6PM
  • Showtime: 7PM
Cost:  $15 pre-sale - BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!
$15 for Baja Good Life Club & $20 Non-mamebers at door. US toll free 800-LUV MEX1 Ex. 4 or MX Cell 686-230-9933.

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