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TODOS SANTOS - Artists of Todos Santos OPEN their STUDIOS

The Artists of Todos Santos OPEN their STUDIOS for the public on Sunday, March 20th, 2011.

Sunday, March 20th, 2011 (10am-5pm) will be an art filled day in our Pueblo Magico. A.R.T.S. (Artists of Todos Santos) presents the 2nd Annual Artists' Studio Tour. Once again art appreciators will get an intimate glimpse behind the scenes of Todos Santos' artists, both well known and emerging.

With a map of the studios in hand, you will be able to visit over 25 working studios. Locations run the gamut around town from an outdoor palapa, to a converted garage, a porch or a pristine studio space. At each studio the artist will be in residence and working to demonstrate his or her techniques. Participating artists will include painters, mixed media, ceramics, glass, sculptors and photographers. You will recognize names like Catherine Wall, Jill Logan, Conchita A. Vesco, Arturo Mendoza, Nannette Hayles, Erick Ochoa, Homero Martínez Chairez, Steve Thurston, Marilyn Doran, Benito Ortega, Emanuela Gardner, Diane Knight, Mike McAllister, Gloria Santoyo Ruenitz, Tori Sepulveda, Chris Gafford, and many more.

This year A.R.T.S. is having a Pre-Studio Tour Exhibition at Visions Gallery/Cafelix (Feb. 24-March 31) so you will be able to preview the art medium and style of the artists in the Studio Tour. This will help you make a selection of the studios you want to visit before you get going.

The tickets will be $100. Pesos and will be sold at Cafelix beginning on March 17th until the day of the Studio Tour. You will be handed a red bracelet and a map with the studio locations. This bracelet wil also grant you a 20% discount, for that day, at local restaurants and bars participating with A.R.T.S. this year. You will be able to grab breakfast or coffee before the tour, or, stop for a panini at Gemini, or, relax with a glass of wine at La Bodega de Todos Santos, or make a rest stop at Galería Santa Fe, sit in the garden and take a break, or, have dinner at Café Todos Santos, La Casita or any other restaurant on our list.

Funds raised from the tour will benefit the Children’s Art Program run by the Palapa Society. Please mark your calendar and if you are in Cabo, La Paz or the East Cape make a day of it. Come visit Todos Santos in one of its more artistic days of the year!

For more information, e-mail Diane Knight or visit the website