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SAN FELIPE - 5 De Mayo Party at Sweet Spot



$220 PESOS



SAN FELIPE: Mark Dille Estate Sale & Casino Day this Wednesday

Just in case you haven't heard , this week marks the 1st anniversary of the passing of Mark Dille, my partner of many years after a long battle with cancer. Mark was totally instrumental in the creation of ZAPP and our mission to provide humane treatment and respect for the
animals here in San Felipe.

This Wednesday morning, May 4th, from 10am-1pm at the Pavilion at El Dorado Ranch we are holding a memorial event in the form of a Casino Day with lots of gambling and great, great prizes, gift certificates, services and dinners, etc., from local San Felipe merchants. There is NO entry fee, and we'll give you $100 worth of chips for every $10 you donate.
The Pavilion will begin serving breakfast and cocktails at 8am.

In addition, I have gone into Mark's storage unit at San Felipe Storage with our dear friend Laurie Braal to choose a large variety of possessions of Mark's that I probably will never be able to use. I live in a small fifth wheel with 6 rescue dogs and there's simply no way to accommodate all the stuff the he and I accumulated over the 37 years we were together.

So, if you guys want to own a small piece of Mark, now's the time to come to the Casino event and the Silent auction in Mark's honor. It's a benefit and all proceeds will go to the Spay/Neuter Street Project and the Indigent Animal Emergency Fund. This will probably be the last fund raiser of the 2011 season.

The battle to keep ZAPP afloat requires creativity, tenacity and perserverance. Please join us Wednesday.

LA PAZ - Scavenger Hunt/Car Rally

Baja Dogs La Paz Happenings - Scavenger Hunt/Car Rally in La Paz

Baja Dogs is holding a Scavenger Hunt/Car Rally on Saturday, May 7 from 11am to 6pm. Teams will consist of 4 people wearing dog costumes and a driving a car decorated like a dog. Registration costs $1000 pesos for a team of 4. Teams could be sponsored by a business. If you don’t want to participate yourself, please consider sponsoring a team or making your business a check point.

For general information and how to register for this event contact Ben Lopez as soon as possible to secure your spot in this fun event. -

Courtesy of the Baja Western Onion

BAJA - The Norra Mexican 1000


We have returned off-road motorsports to its roots comaraderie, hot rodding and fun! The Mexican 1000 Rally is a fully-supported on-road/off-road rally open to vintage and alternative fueled vehicles. It will be an adventure filled with high-performance driving, incredible scenery and world-class adventure.

May 4 Contingency, Tech Inspection, Driver Meeting
May 5 Mexicali to Bay of L.A.
May 6 Bay of L.A. to Loreto
May 7 Loreto to La Paz
May 8 Awards Banquet

Course map for day 1

Hotel Information

Colonial (NORRA HQ) 800-437-2438 Ask for Araceli
Crowne Plaza 686-557-3600 MAKE SURE YOU ASK FOR THE NORRA RATE!

Bay of Los Angeles:
We are excited to announce that we have opened hotel registration in Bay of L.A. for the 2011 Mexican 1000! Hotels are very limited! Rooms are on a first come first served basis. Please use our Contact Page or call us at 661-268-1232 to reserve your room. NORRA will be using Costa Del Sol,
Guillermo's, Casa Diaz, Las Hamacas, Villa Vita, and Cangrejo's. There are only about 50 rooms available, so please buddy up if you can! We can
only reserve one room per team at this time, but will keep a wait list. We already have over 60 teams entered, so PLEASE buddy up when you can!

La Mision (NORRA HQ) 877-887-2939
Oasis 866-482-0247 ask for Ana, they will tell you they are full if you do not. MAKE SURE YOU ASK FOR THE NORRA RATE!

La Paz:
Grand Plaza (NORRA HQ) 866-357-9711
We are in the process of trying to book a get together for Saturday night at this hotel, and the awards banquet will be held there on Sunday. We suggest using this hotel in La Paz. MAKE SURE YOU ASK FOR THE NORRA RATE!

MEXICO - Mexico Is a Healthy Place to Live!

Mexico has had one of the largest increases in life expectancy of its citizens in recent years. According to statistics from the Organization of the United Nations (UN), the life expectancy in Mexico has soared from 66.6 to 76.7 years from 1980 to 2010. Even among OECD members, Mexico has the highest increase in life expectancy over the past 20 years and occupies the first place among the big countries in Latin America.

When looking upon a longer period in history, during the last 60 years (1950-2010), Mexico has increased the life expectancy of its citizens in 27.3 years, while Brazil the U.S. and the UK have increased life expectancy only by 22.5, 11.2 and 11.3 years respectively. This increase is one of the highest reported globally, which means that health care issues in Mexico are going on the right track. Of all OECD countries, Mexico has the highest increase in life expectancy over the past 20 years, and has the third place in Latin America. This increase is more notable including the BRIC countries where China and Brazil have an expectancy of 73 years, while Russia and India 67 and 64, respectively

Moreover, when we look at the Healthy Life Expectancy (EVS), which is simply the average number of years a person expects to live in “perfect health” without diseases that affect the quality of life, the results are more surprising. The EVS for Mexico is 67 years, a figure equal to the European and American average, which in turn are the highest averages. These figures are higher than those of the BRIC with 64, 60, 56 and 66 for Brazil, Russia India and China, respectively. And that’s not all, when reviewing the healthy life expectancy by dividing the world into four income levels, Mexico is in the high income range, which is the highest level of classification.

This is the result of efforts made in Mexico towards universal health access. Currently, in Mexico there are three main ways that you have access to medicine and social security (1) through the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) for salaried persons, (2) the Security and Services Institute for Social Workers (ISSSTE) for government employees, and (3) Seguro Popular, which is universal access. The federal government’s objective is to have universal coverage for health issues, using these three different mechanisms.

The Mexican health system has evolved from 1943, when the IMSS was founded, until the adoption of universal insurance coverage in 2004.. As for the Seguro Popular, Dr. Julio Frenk, its creator, who is former Minister of Health and current director of the School of Public Health for Harvard University, said that “logic of the budget changed,” to make government spending directly proportional to people who registered for the program to implement the Seguro Popular. This helps solve one of the biggest challenges, which is to make the Popular Insurance Scheme more accessible to Mexicans who need it most, as they have no access to insurance through other means.

Social coverage offered by Mexico is undoubtedly seen as a worldwide example. Mexico´s medical care resources are considerably lower than in countries like Costa Rica and Chile, but has recently made public health spending increases by an additional 1.5% of GDP, thereby fulfilling a goal of the Seguro Popular.

Mexico is using the resources it has to provide more and better standards of living for its citizens, demonstrating its commitment to have a better life. There are still challenges, but the progress achieved is undeniable.


EVENTS: 2011 Baja Book Festival

Baja Book Festival
Baja Book Festival
(with art, food, wine and more)

Carla White
Local:  (646) 155-4008
US: (619) 955-6430
The Q Sponsors Baja Book Festival, Saturday, Oct. 15
(A magical day of words, wine, food, art & more)

On Saturday, October 15, 2011, from 11 a.m.- 5 p.m., the 2nd annual Baja Book Festival, with title sponsor The Q (, will be held at Joanna Jones Galeria y Café, kilometer 47.6 on the free road, just north of the Cantamar/Primo Tapia toll road exit.  Just 45 minutes south of the border, the event is also being sponsored by Rosarito TV 69, the Baja Times, Baja Bound, the Baja California Secretary of Tourism and the Rosarito Beach Hotel.  Last year’s festival featured more than 20 authors including Greg Niemann, Marsh Cassady, Peter Fowler, Mikel Miller, Judy Botello, Tom Gatch, Melinda Bates and others, and a Children’s Magical Reading Room.  But it wasn’t just an event of words…it rocked with live music all day and will again this year!

There will be a variety of food stalls (including Splash! restaurant) and, of course, regional and international wines, beer and margaritas.  Vendors are welcome, and last year’s event featured artists, jewelry makers, crafters, Ocean’s Flavor Sea Salts (who also offered small tequila tastings), health care providers like Serena and Amar, and more.  Renowned artist Francisco Cabello, who designed the festival logo, donated the original logo painting for the festival raffle, which also featured prizes including golf, hotel stays, dinners, a case of wine by Dr. Miguel Ortiz, and other tempting items, andsome proceeds went to support the Baja Scholarship Foundation.   

“We were surprised and happy by the attendance at last year’s Book Festival,” said Alan Fisher, president of The Q:  Quick-SpeedNet company, a legal Mexico corporation providing Baja’s fastest, most reliable wireless service.   “Obviously, a company like ours is all about communication and that’s what we see community events like the Baja Book Festival encouraging.  It’s a great match!”  The Q will be highly visible at this year’s event, with demos of its technology and service available.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, or being a vendor, contact Carla White (619-318-5347) or Jo Ann Knox (in Mexico, 661-614-0819, or US (619) 630-1170).  Information about the 2010 event is available at, with updates for 2011 coming by the end of April.

SAN FELIPE - 5 De Mayo Party at Sweet Spot

$220 PESOS

The Beautiful Ensenada

The Beautiful Ensenada
I thought you might like to see a video of the City that I proudly call "My Home". Please forward to your friends, gracias, Jean-Loup

TODOS SANTOS - Art For Life: Expressive Arts Workshop

Art For Life: Expressive Arts Workshop
Saturday, May 7th, 1-4 PM at La Arca Cultural Center, Todos Santos. For artists working in any medium, or anyone who wants to expand and deepen their creative expression. Workshop participants will work individually and as a group, using varying art mediums, including: drawing, movement, drama and writing.

Zoë Edmonds brings her experience as arts educator, expressive arts therapist and multidisciplinary artist to Todos Santos to help people tap into their creativity and discover a more authentic, spontaneous self. Workshop space is limited and pre-registration is required for participation. Please contact Zoë to register. For more information please visit Art For Life website. - Zoë Edmonds,,, 612-105-0056, Todos Santos

Courtesy of Baja Western Onion

SAN FELIPE - The Mark Dille 1st Annual Memorial Casino Event

ZAPP is holding its first fund raising event for the Spay/Neuter Street Project since our annual Drag Show back in January. This event will commemorate the one year anniversary of the passing of my buddy Mark Dille, a great guy who was deeply involved in Animal Rescue in San Felipe since we arrived here from California back in July of 2003.

The Event will be held at the Pavilion on El Dorado Ranch on Wednesday, May 4th, the day before the actual anniversary of his passing on Cinco de Mayo, 2010, after a long illness. The Casino Event will run from 10am-1pm, with breakfast and cocktails served by Cesar Quirarte and his amazing Pavilion kitchen and bar tending staff.

There is no cost to enter the Casino Event, however, if you care to play, we'll provide $100 worth of chips for every $10 you donate to the cause. Games of course will include, Black Jack/21, Texas Hold 'Em, Craps & Roulette and we'll have some great prizes for the winners---but most of all you'll be supporting the Spay/Neuter Project & the Indigent Animal Emergency Fund that ZAPP runs for the dogs and cats of San Felipe. More details to follow.

NEWS-Meteor Showers May 5-6th

May 5-6, 2011 - Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower. The Eta Aquarids are a light shower, usually producing about 10 meteors per hour at their peak. The shower's peak usually occurs on May 5 & 6, however viewing should be good on any morning from May 4 - 7. The radiant point for this shower will be in the constellation Aquarius. Best viewing is usually to the east after midnight.

NEWS - Living Happy in Mexico

Over one million Americans living happily in Mexico - InsideMexico ran an article by Margot Lee Shetterly a few years ago on the many Americans who live in Mexico.

The article might not be recent, but the issues covered continue to be relevant. She writes on how studies show that there are more than a million American citizens living in Mexico, and as many as half-million Canadians, plus thousands of Brits, Irish, Australians and English-speakers from various other countries.

And contrary to common wisdom, these Americans moved to Mexico not only because of the cost of living advantages. No, they decided to migrate south because they are truly inspired by the Mexicans and the way they live their lives.

They are in love with Mexico!

Here are some quotes by Americans living in Mexico on their experiences and the reason behind their choice of emigrating to Mexico:

Caren Cross, 60, a painter and retired psychotherapist living in San Miguel de Allende: “I found that I could be more present, less harried, more attentive to whatever I’m doing rather than living in the past or the future. And I think Mexicans are really good at that.”

Ellen Fields, 51, and her husband James, 50, who settled in Mérida, Yucatan: “We’re from California, and our knowledge of México was really limited to the border. But when we got here, we realized we didn’t know it at all. We drove here from California and were just blown away by the beauty of México.”

Artist Michele Gibbs and writer George Colman: “We were looking for a culturally diverse place to live outside the United States…we were in Cuernavaca for the summer and heard some things about Oaxaca. Things went right immediately in Oaxaca. We had a good feeling about the place. We received a warm welcome from people here. People here open their lives up to you.”

These quotes have been taken directly from InsideMexico’s article, which you can read in full here.

BUSINESS - Toyota may slip in int’l ranking

TOKYO – Toyota Motor Co may slip to No. 3 in the automaker production rankings behind General Motors and Volkswagen due to Japan’s earthquake and nuclear crisis, which slashed local output by almost two-thirds in March alone.
A shortage of parts in the wake of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami has savaged Japan’s auto sector supply chain, while damage to a major nuclear plant has disrupted power supplies.
Investors expecting overseas rivals to benefit from a prolonged slump in Japanese output pushed up shares in South Korea’s Hyundai Motors and associate Kia Motors to record highs on Monday.
“Hyundai and Kia will be the biggest beneficiaries of the struggling Japanese car industry,” said Suh Sung-moon, an analyst at Korea Investment & Securities in Seoul. “Hyundai will focus on the high-end market and Kia has the capacity to boost volume shipments. It’s a great mixture to catch up with Japanese rivals.”
Honda Motor Co, Japan’s No. 3 automaker, said on Monday it would take until the end of the year before production returned to normal, echoing comments from Toyota on Friday.
Honda, which reported domestic production shrank 62.9 percent in March, said output would be at 50 percent of its original plans until the end of June. Domestic production at Toyota, the world’s largest automaker, plummeted 62.7 percent in March, while Japan’s No. 2 Nissan Motor Co said its corresponding figure fell 52.4 percent. Toyota is almost certain to lose the top producer ranking it has held since 2008 to General Motors this year and could fall behind No. 3 Volkswagen, said Koji Endo, managing director of Advanced Research Japan in Tokyo.
Toyota, which sold 8.42 million vehicles last year versus GM’s 8.39 million, was on track to post sales of around 6.5 million units this year, Endo said. Other analysts, lacking clear guidance from Toyota, expect sales of roughly 6.3 million to 7 million units.
“Most likely GM will produce 8 million-plus and Volkswagen will produce around 7 million, so most likely Toyota will be third, GM will be first,” Endo said.
Volkswagen has a stated goal of taking Toyota’s No.1 spot and expects its 2011 sales to top the record 7.14 million vehicles it sold last year.
Toyota, criticized by some analysts and investors for its aggressive expansion in the early 2000s, played down the prospect of losing its top ranking.
Standard & Poor’s later cut its outlook on six major Japanese automakers and suppliers to negative from stable.

NEWS - Fish Market sales up 100% over holiday

by Baja Daily News (BDN) on 04/25/11

Ensenada, One hundred percent increased sales at the Fish Market on Thursday and Friday of Holy Week, said Amaya Manuel Jasso, secretary general of the merchants of the place.
The interviewee said that the success these days is directly related to the Christian faith of Ensenada, who respect the religious traditions themselves do not eat meat.

"Thank God we as consumers have bought a lot in the days of Easter and even on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we had low sales on Thursday and Friday, we finished the fish, and yesterday we had many visitors that we bought almost the entire product, "he said.
Amaya Jasso reported that the species sold during the holy days were the shrimp, dogfish, angel, tilapia, grouper, mako and poplar, and other fish used for soup, ceviche, fried and breaded.
"We had good prices and I think that also helped us improve our sales, representing an improvement for the organized business operating in the Fish Market, thanks to this we sold a lot of fish," he reiterated.

SAN FELIPE - Dia de el Nino Party!

Dia de el Nino Party
Friday, April 29, 2010 - 5:00Pm

Voluntarios sin Limites, 453 Hualtulco, Los Arcos
This year Volunteers Without Limits will be hosting a party on Friday, April 29th for the children and parents who participate in the therapy sessions at our location.  There will be food, gifts and music and we would like to invite our North American friends and sponsors to join us in the festivities.

SAN FELIPE - Sonshine Hacienda Charity Gold Tournament


The 2nd Annnual Charity Golf Tournament is being held on April 29-30th, of this month to Benefit Sonshine Hacienda.
The tournament needs helper's in all area's, leading up to the event and on the day of the event in all area's. Come and help in the way you can and let's raise some dollar's for the NEW FACILITY. Interested persons contact D'Andre White at: 686-225-0707 mex cell, or 626-399-1952 US cell.

CABO SAN LUCAS - Strokes of Luck 3rd Annual Golf Benefit

Casa Hogar of Los Cabos A.C. invites you to Strokes of Luck, its third annual golf benefit on April 30th and May 1st. Palmilla and Troon Golf have generously made available their world class course exclusively for the benefit of the boys on these two days. Los Cabos golfers can play either one or both days, for a donation of USD$99.00 per day. This includes food and refreshment throughout the day. For more information or to register, call (044) 624 358 1808 or register on line at

On Friday night, April 29th, Baja Blue Bar and Grill will be the venue for a separate No Host Kick-Off Party.
Casa Hogar is home for more than 31 boys, ages 7 – 16, who have been orphaned, abandoned or left on their own at an early age. Funded completely by donations, It is the support at all levels of the Los Cabos community that allows Casa Hogar to identify and nurture the individual talents and characters of each boy, preparing them for a different and better future.
This golf event has been redesigned to include as many of our local supporters, who give generously of their time, talents and resources, as possible. It does take our whole village to care for these boys. It is a pleasant coincidence that the golf event is being held this year on Día del niño, or the Day of the Child. Each year, throughout Mexico, this April 30th the importance of children in Mexican society, and endorses their care and well being. holiday recognizes. The boys of Casa Hogar look forward to seeing you there!

LORETO - Mark Your Calendar for Loreto Fest 2011

Where: Puerto Escondido, B.C.S. México
When: April 29th, 30th and May 1st

Plans for Loreto Fest are beginning. The dates have been set. This is going to be a special Loreto Fest our "15th Year".

We invite any of the cruising musicians sea or land to participate in the entertainment. There will be more information on this forth coming.

Visit web site for updates, plans and general information.

There will be a new design for the T-shirts. Designs maybe submitted via email in jpeg form. A vote will be held in January, hopefully on line.

The theme has not been chosen yet, if you have any ideas please submit them for consideration.

Email ideas and designs to

See you at the 15th Loreto Fest

"Seeing Old Friends – Meeting New Friends"

Hidden Port Yacht Club

Submitted by: Connie "Sunlover" via Loreto Community Group.

NEWS - Baja K-9 Police unit place 3rd in Phoenix

Baja K-9 Police unit place 3rd in Phoenix
by Baja Daily News (BDN) on 04/18/11
Mexicali, BC - With an outstanding third place in a competition held in Phoenix, Arizona, returned a delegation composed of officials of the State Preventive Police (PEP), assigned to the K9 Unit, where the canine officer''turned''Hektor to demonstrate that it is one of the best internationally in various police tactics.

The competition called''Desert Dog Police K9 Trials,''in its ninth edition, considered one of the most important powers of the United States, took the best dogs of various corporations and correctional Arizona.

Fernando Paniagua Legaspi, K9 Unit Coordinator of the PEP, reported that this year participated in the tournament 80 pairs canines, which competed against the dog Hektor''''who managed to win third place in the search category areas .

ENSENADA - Run for the Border

Run for the Border
An Epic Motorcycle Ride & Weekend Long Party
April 29-May 1, 2011

Run for the Border is a "South of the Border Celebration" of everything that is the best of Bikes, Beer, Babes, and Bad-ass Live Music! The long weekend of madness and mayhem is an unforgettable experience! Come on down and join in the cold beer, good burning tequila, stiff shots, live music, exotic entertainment, and crazy surprises you're not likely to find anywhere else!
The first Run for the Border brought riders from 8 US states, Mexico, and Canada. Reserve one of the remaining spots while they last, the 2010 event SOLD-OUT over a month in advance.
ONLY persons registered through the web site will have access to this Exclusive weekend at Costa Baja Hotel.

SAN FELIPE - 1st Annual Mark Dille Memorial Casino Day

1st Annual Mark Dille Memorial Casino Day
Wednesday, May 4th, 10-1pm at the PAVILION
This is also the one anniversary of the passing of Mark Dille, who passed away last May 5th from a long battle with cancer. This event is special to me, because along with Mark we were instrumental in the animal rescue movement which barely existed in San Felipe when we arrived here in 2003. Come join us for the first ever breakfast/casino event to help raise money for ZAPP. Enjoy a great breakfast, and early morning cocktails provided by the Pavilion, which begins at 8am, with the gambling portion of the event beginning at 10am. Food and beverages not included. Blackjack, Texas Hold 'em, Craps & Roulette will all be played for some great prizes and gift certificates. Help me remember my buddy Mark, and help support our cause. There is NO entry fee, and a $10 donation will get you $100 in chips to gamble with. See you there. May 4th at the Pavilion, 10-1pm.
ZAPP Spay/Neuter Street Project and the Indigent Animal Emergency Fund will hold a much needed benefit and fund raising event for our project.

Steven Forman,
Head DogMan
ZAPP Spay Neuter Street Project
Zero Additional Pupulation Street Project
686-190-3432 in San Felipe
ZAPP is Committed to Spaying & Neutering
75% of San Felipe's Strays & Indigents
and Finally Achieving
Zero Additional Population Growth.

MEXICO - Carlos Slim's Cell Firm Fined $1 Billion

Carlos Slim's Cell Firm in Mexico Fined $1 Billion
by Baja Daily News (BDN) on 04/17/11
MEXICO CITY - Mexico's antitrust commission has fined a subsidiary of America Movil 12 billion pesos, or $1 billion, the parent company announced.

The agency, the Federal Competition Commission of Mexico, said that the cellphone subsidiary, Telcel, had engaged in monopolistic practices associated with call terminations, America Movil said in a filing with the Mexican stock exchange late Friday.

The company, controlled by the billionaire Carlos Slim Helu, said that it was studying the ruling and all options for appeal.

America Movil is the largest provider of wireless service in Latin America, with 225 million subscribers. Its 2009 revenue totaled $30 billion.

Mr. Slim, named the richest man in the world by Fortune Magazine, is estimated to be worth $74 billion. His companies have come under various allegations of monopolistic practices in the past. Mr. Slim owns about 7 percent of the publicly traded shares of The New York Times Company.

NEWS - Kate Bosworth shows off her sizzling figure in Cabo

Kate Bosworth shows off her sizzling figure by going topless on the beach in Mexico

Last updated at 1:44 PM on 12th April 2011 - ALLVOICES;

Kate Bosworth showed the world that she was a free and easy Californian girl at heart when she dared to bare and go topless on the beach in Mexico yesterday. 

The 28-year-old Blue Crush star is currently on holiday in Cancun and ditched her black and white bikini top to get an all-over tan as she took a relaxing dip in the warm waters. She's enjoying highs of 30C on the beach, where she's chilling with a female friend - but she decided to cover up later in a canary yellow two-piece. 

LOS BARRILES - Children’s Dental Program

EAST CAPE HEALTH CENTER has recently expanded our coverage area for the Children’s Dental Program. This year we have been to our local school in the East Cape covering the Kindergarten and Primary schools in Los Barriles, Buena Vista, Campamento, Las Cuevas, El Cardonel, San Bartolo, and the Ninos de La Paz Orphanage with our oral hygiene instruction program, oral exams and registration of the children for continued care..

We have screened over 500 children in 2011 so far and have been fortunate enough to have enough supplies for all the children, A BIG THANK YOU to the generous donors who made this possible by contributing the dental materials such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss.

East Cape Community Dental Clinic located at Plaza de Pueblo #1 has divided our days; Children's Dentistry with Dr. Veronica Tuchmann and Patricia Laguna on Fri and Sat and Adult Dentistry Monday -Wednesday with Dr. Renan Pier and Mary who also runs our Oral Hygiene Educational Program. So far this year we have provided FREE dental treatment to over 300 children.

To continue to this valuable program we need your continued support. Our nonprofit is low on toothbrushes, toothpaste, and cash donations. Remember if you use our Dental Clinic all of those donations keep our dental clinic alive and thriving, we appreciate you choosing our Dental Clinic for your convenience to help contribute to our program. For more information please go to our website at www.eastcapemedical
As well on the Medical side of our organization we have an ongoing Diabetes Program. Our success with this program has changed the lives of many local Mexican residents. Contributions of Glucometers and strips are greatly appreciated and cash donations go along way with the medical services, medication and laboratory we provide to the lower income residents.
I appreciate your support and want to extend my appreciation so we may continue these much needed programs.
Generous THANKS to all who believe in the Health and Wellness of our community.

Charlene D. Wenger RN, ARNP
East Cape Health Center
Comprehensive Health Services for the Community -
Ph: Medical / Ambulance 141-0797 Dental 141-0375 cell 624-157-0081
Ph: 624-141-0797 email:

Courtesy of Baja Pony Express

SAN FELIPE - Casino Night Thank you!

THANK YOU ! - Friday, April 15th we had our annual charity casino night at the Pavilion. It was such a good event and I don't want to miss the opportunity to thank you all who helped, assisted and supported this event and the charity this year.

I am happy to inform you that we raised a bit over a thousand dollars for the charity, and this is thanks to all the people who donated stuff, participated, brought stuff for the auctions, etc. Remember this event was designated in pro of the Red Cross in San Felipe and the Tiburones Football team 10-12 years old.

Thanks to: Ms. and Mr. Butler, Cliff Ulman, Ricardo Perez, the whole F&B department, Judy and Bianca and Lee, Gris, Janine and her friend, Butch, Guillermo, Sharry, Robbie,Sergio, Laura, Joan, Mikey and Patricia, Patti, Russ and Sarah,Nefi, Suzanne and Ed, Lupita and Genny, Bingo Lady,Roberto, Marvin, Eve, Sandy, Ron, this couple that im sorry I don't remember your names:(, Joan, Diane, and quite a few other people who dropped gifts at our office and the people who bought tickets for our 50/50 raffle, etc. I know I may be missing a couple of names and my apology in advance.

Also I want to thank all the business that helped us out with vouchers and coupons for the auctions like: La Vaquita Restaurant, Baja chocolate Lovers, Miguel & Paco Restaurant, Road Runner, Chumpo's, Juanito restaurant, Baja Ink Tattoo, Anita's Pedicures, All our vendors from the swap meet,Tecate, Joan our chiropractor,Versoleil, Mauricio's Landscaping, California Dental & Optical, Red Lobster, etc just to mention some of them

Thanks to the Red Cross paramedics and the Tiburones team for coming on the day of the event and giving us gifts for auction.

Again I am just trying to mention as many names as I can and I hope I am not missing many of you but know that we are very thankful with all of you guys for your support on this event.

GRACIAS! - El Dorado Ranch Activities Staff

LOS CABOS - Operation lifesaver 2011

Operation lifesaver 2011 starts April 15th
by Baja Daily News on 04/17/11
LOS CABOS, BCS .- Naval sector initiative "Operation lifesaver 2011" Easter on Friday 15 April and ending on May 1, which aims to provide security to tourists and visitors to enjoy a reliable the main beaches of the municipality of Los Cabos.

Reported in the shipping sector Admiral Cabo San Lucas Felipe Solano Armenta, that the operation starts at the national level to safeguard the lives of vacationers, and the fate that awaits a lot of visitors in this period

The operation will include safety and security in black Coral Beaches, dunes, Chile, seeking cover both beaches of San Jose and Cabo San Lucas, in each of these beaches will rescue swimmers, boats and security checkpoints and medical supervision.

It recommends that people and tourists to take precautions to prevent accidents and incidents we want a white Easter without incident regrettable, for that we are already in talks with authorities and want to remind all providers to follow the rules and reestablished.

SAN FELIPE - Good News Regarding Highway 5

Good News Regarding Highway 5
I would like to pass along an email I just received from Linda Garcia at the Secretary of Tourism office in San Felipe. This is great news about Highway 5 being open for Easter Week. We are fortunate to have such responsive Baja officials…a big THANK YOU to all of them. Here is the email from Linda:

"Our Stte Secretary of Tourism Lic. Juan Tintos Funcke has spoken to the State Secretary of Comunications Ramon Luke and he has assure that by this coming friday the highway will be ready for transit.
The further process of remodelation of the highway will continue after Easter Break
It is important that you know that our State Governor has made a great effort for the safety of travelers.
Please if you will be so kind to pass on the news."

Thanks again to all of you who emailed or called the Secretary of Tourism regarding Highway 5.

Summited by Vivian Scott

ENSENADA - Discover the World of Ernesto Muñoz Acosta

Discover the World of Ernesto Muñoz Acosta at CEARTE
From Connie Ellig and

"El Vuelo de mi Hermano (The Flight of my Brother)" is a must-see exposition for those who love art and those who love Mexico. The paintings, drawings and sculptures of Ernesto Muñoz Acosta, a natural-born artist now in his seventies, are extraordinary; our photos in my article about this exposition cannot do true justice to his multidimensional works. Although the main part of this exhibition -- the sculptures and large format paintings -- will be on display in CEARTE's spacious Sala Internacional until May 2, Muñoz Acosta's drawings in the lobby and Sala Muñoz Acosta will be taken down on April 19 to make way for the next exposition which will open on April 29. If you have not yet viewed "El Vuelo de mi Hermano," be sure to see it soon!

NEWS & POLITICS - Calderon sees border as business mid-way point

Safe border crossings, serious U.S.-Mexico partnerships, were the points for agreement during President Felipe Calderon's three day visit to the U.S. capital this week. The fourth bilateral meeting with President Obama settled that business is a two-way enterprise for economic success.

Calderon asked for an alternative approach to border security. Convinced that both sides of the border take drug cartel violence as a serious threat to citizens' safety, and a drag for commercial activities, he said his enforcement officers can gain a footing against the cartels if the U.S. reduces the flow of assault weapons and arms across the border.

As Mexico develops as a producer in the world during the easing recession, there is "a window of opportunity" for the countries to make more business partnerships and improve the region's position in the global economy, the Mexican President said on May 19, following President Obama's remarks on the White House South Lawn. The region will become "competitive and prosperous, capable of generating more and better jobs; a region that will be attractive for investments, trade exchange and tourism," he said.

He took on the challenge to make opportunity so promising for his citizens, businesses can always draw on their own for their leading workers, instead of watching the enterprising and the educated venture into the U.S.. "Mexico will one day be a country in which our people find the opportunity that today they look for from outside the country," he said.

President Obama had said, after welcoming the president and the first lady, President Felipe Calderon has been an "outstanding partner to the U.S." and "Mexico is one of our largest trading partners, with trade that supports countless jobs here in America and in Mexico." The two neighbors will expand partnerships to achieve shared prosperity.

BAJA - State to restore land damaged by quake

On Monday, agricultural authorities said they were considering setting up greenhouses at the epicenter of last year’s earthquake in the Mexicali Valley.

The earthquake, which hit on July 4, 2010 and registered 7.2 on the Richter scale, caused the water level to rise roughly one meter ( 3.28 feet) which increased the amount of salt in the ground.

About 20 percent of the farmland in the area was damaged and 7 percent is still unusable.

Marco Antonio Soubervielle Fernández, a delegate from the Secretariat of Agriculture Development for Baja Californína, said greenhouses have been used successfully on the national level and could work in the state as well.

He said greenhouses would produce vegetables, compensate for the amount of land lost, and prepare agricultural production in the region for the future.

There is a sufficient amount of water in the Mexicali Valley, but “it wont last forever,” so the best thing to do would be to invest in greenhouse technology, he said.

He explained that the state’s budget for 2010 had to focus on dealing with natural phenomena and left other agricultural issues unresolved.

“Although some of the issues concerning the state’s agricultural production were met, due to the earthquake, they were not met 100 percent,” he said.

Source: THE NEWS

LOS BARRILES - Photo Album

Check out this album 'Los Barriles - Feb 2009'
A few photos of Los Barriles BCS during a Trip Down the Baja in 2009. Jone and I met a great couple Gary & Patrica from Canada. There is a Photo of them in the album.

Los Barriles - Feb 2009
Album link: Los Barriles - Feb 2009

LORETO - Next Sea Turtle Monitoring Trip

Loreto Sea Turtle Monitoring Trip to Isla Coronado

The next sea turtle monitoring trip will depart Monday April 18 at 1:30pm and return on Tuesday April 19 at noon. Assist the monitors in tagging, measuring, weighing and naming sea turtles while spending a relaxing 24 hours on Isla Coronado. Don't miss out on the opportunity to support sea turtle conservation in our park with our certified monitors and bilingual naturalists. A great way to kick off Semana Santa! For more information, contact us at or 613-135-1887.

Submitted by: Cynthia Brown Mayoral, Loreto BCS Mexico

TODOS SANTOS - Charles Stewart 1922 - 2011

In Memory of Charles Stewart

Provided by The Baja Western Onion Photo courtesy www.todossantosart.comCharles Stewart, Todos Santos, Courtesy
Charles Stewart 1922-2011 - Our beloved friend, artist and founder of the Todos Santos Art Colony, died peacefully in his sleep this weekend. He and his wife Marylou have been living in Taos this last year. Condolences can be sent to her at: 414 Camino de la Placita #4 Taos, N.M. 87571
or via email through Gayle Harvey at

Memories of Charles Stewart here:

* Charles Stewart Gallery and Studio
* Charles' 85 Birthday Party in Todos Santos

Photo courtesy

NEWS-Meteor Showers Apr 21-22

April 21, 22, 2011 - Lyrids Meteor Shower. The Lyrids are an average shower, usually producing about 20 meteors per hour at their peak. These meteors can produce bright dust trails that last for several seconds. The shower usually peaks on April 21 & 22, although some meteors can be visible from April 16 - 25. Look for meteors radiating from the constellation of Lyra after midnight.

LOS BARRILES - East Cape Guild Annual Bocce Ball Tournament

East Cape Guild Annual Bocce Ball Tournament  - Thursday,  April 14, 2011
2pm check in PLEASE be on time
  • $25.00 USD or $300 PESOS to PLAY and EAT
  • $15.00 USD or $180 PESOS to just PLAY
  • $15.00 USD or $180 PESOS to just EAT
All proceeds go to The East Cape Guild Scholarship fund.
EVERYONE is welcome to come and participate or just come to watch.
We will have hot dogs, a full bar and a raffle.

Please come and show your support and have some FUN:)
Also I need sets of Bocce Balls to borrow so if anyone has some please let me know Thanks, Cassandra 141-0486

TOUR - Baja Wine Country - Apr. 29, 2011


Explore the tourist and shopping district of Ensenada. Next the tour visits Bodegas de Santo Tomás Winery, Then to Santo Tomas Mission's wine-making tradition by offering visitors samples of wines, breads and cheeses. Finishing in the mountains to Valle de Guadalupe, where we visit more local wineries for their tours and tastings. 


CABO SAN LUCAS - Cabo Marine Show

April 21-23 2011 - Cabo Marine Show

The Cabo Marine Show returns this year to the Marina Golden Zone, on the Cabo San Lucas Marina, with new vendors, more entertainment and the all new La Paz Pavilion. This year’s products and services reflect an ever-growing segment of Baja California Sur businesses.

The show has grown from last year, including new vendors from the La Paz area, as well as mainland Mexico. Last year Cabo Marine Show received more than 3,000 visitors and showcased more than 40 local and foreign vendors during this annual 3-day event.

This year, the number of booths at the show will expand to include new participants such as FONATUR and a more prominent presence from IGY Marina Cabo San Lucas. One target for growth this year is distributors of marine products and accessories, as Cabo Marine Show continues to gain popularity and fill a gap in the marine industry in the Baja Sur region. Brands will include Village Marine Tec, Parker Racor and Performance Boats. Plus, Otaduy Yachts will showcase its charter fleet with some of the largest luxury yachts located in Baja Sur.

LORETO - Living Roots / Raices Vivas Marketplace

The community of San Javier, with the help of the start-up non-profit, Living Roots or Raices Vivas, is organizing the first ever community marketplace in San Javier during Semana Santa, April 16-24 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

There will be local produce, food and crafts as well as demonstrations of traditional skills such as olive oil production, braiding riatas and toasting green coffee.

Submitted by: McKenzie Campbell
Courtesy of Lynn Hammond

CANTAMAR - Baja Vaquero Ride - April 16, 2011

Baja Vaquero Ride - April 16, 2011

Spend the night at poco cielo and finish off the weekend with dinner and dance.
Make reservations early!

$125.00 per person
$75.00 with your own horse
A full day ride with a real Baja lunch leave cantamar at 9am on your favorite horse ride into the hills of primo tapia to the borja ranch led by charro and bruni borja (very experienced and knowledgable riders) ride for approximately 3-4 hours and arrive at the family ranch “lamb BBQ lunch with all the fixings” rest and prepare to ride back to Cantamar. The ride will be approximately 6-7 hours total. “experience is not necessary” you must like the outdoors and be appreciative of the baja life style. Bring your cameras a full day of being a “Vaquero”
If you are interested, please notify Carla - 760-670-3336

SAN FELIPE - Regional Cabalgata

Regional Cabalgata
San Felipe to Ejido Delicias - South approx KM 26 or 27
Saturday April 16, 2011

Contact Information: Roman Maduena Meza (686) 110-2456 or (686) 212-4898
Email: CNC offices: San Felipe, B.C. (calle Olmos)

Cost for the event is $200 pesos for participants. Free to general public, donations welcomed.

Program: 6am Riders begin at the CESPM (water district)
Break: 10am Breakfast water, coffee, tacos, alfalfa
Arrival: 1:45pm Community Reception, Music, Festivities
Lunch: 3:30pm For Participants
Contests: 5pm
a) Dancing Horses
b) Cala de caballos
c) Best Dressed horse

Awards: 6pm Best in each category and saddle raffle
Dance: 7pm Baile y verbena popular

NEWS & POLITICS - COTUCO shows the real image of Tijuana

COTUCO shows the real image of Tijuana, a city safe and positive.

Tijuana BC. Originally published April 5, 2011 .- The Committee for Tourism and Conventions (COTUCO) in conjunction with the Public Trust for Tourism Promotion
Tijuana (Tijuana FPPT) today conducted the first "familiarization visit to San Diego California Concierges", aiming to persuade the hotel representatives to recommend the city of Tijuana as a tourist destination.
Throughout the day, representatives of hotel business in San Diego County visit the highlights of the city through a tour of the COTUCO and representatives of FPPT. The itinerary covering places like: Interactive Museum of the History of Tijuana, restaurant El Museo Cecut, Corporate Way, Mission 19 restaurant, Caliente Casino and facilities before the end of this visit, La Cava LA Cetto.
It was attended by Eddie Rose, President San Diego Concierge Association (SDCA), Hotel Del Coronado, Cathy Comez. Vice SDCA, Manchester Hyatt, Martha Torres del Hyatt Mission Bay, Elisa Trolani. The Lodge at Torrey Pines, Merecedes Martin, Manchester Hyatt, Mark Shienberg, OMNI Hotel. Just as Mark Peak of U.S. Grant, Ava Skoog, SDCA and Violet Loews Coronado Resort.
"The promotion of the city is an issue of paramount importance and the essential task of COTUCO, which has been successfully exposing the identity of the best Tijuana and the council itself in the neighboring country, within the republic and international fashion "said Don Mariano Escobedo, president of COTUCO. "These familiarization trips (FAM trip) we position the city as a tourist destination and generate opportunities in the near future visits, you enjoy a pleasant stay in the many establishments and businesses that are in Tijuana," he concluded.
Attendees during his visit to VIA Corporate, last point of his visit, enjoyed the view of the city in the "VIA Sky Garden" at the top of the corporate facilities, in addition to this great experience tasted delicious snacks and enjoyed a demonstration of food in the restaurant Bajamar Mission 19 by Chef Javier Plasencia. Wine and cheese from the region were among the delicacies presented to the guests.
Excited and pleased by the wine tasting and visit the places mentioned above, the concierges promote visitors from San Diego with information and tourism in Tijuana as entertainment and visit, because after your experience with this look that Fam Trip visitors live, learn and enjoy the city.

TODOS SANTOS - Run Away to the Circus!

Did you ever want to run off and join the Circus?
Well you don’t have to run any farther than our backyard here in Todos Santos. Teatro Luna Azul will be hosting a Beginner Circus/Acrobatic Workshop that will help total novices discover their Circus skills.

For two afternoons (Saturday April 16 and Sunday April 17, 2011) two highly skilled and talented Acrobatists, Dulce Chavez from Mexico and Katjusa Kovacic from Eastern Europe will be teaching partners acrobatics (two people balancing one above the other), floor acrobatics (Basic tumbling, handstand and stretching) aerial acrobatics on the hoop and silks. There will also be some theater skills taught by Director Isabel Smyth to help budding performers create characters and improve their overall performance. Everything within a safe and professional environment.

Both Dulce and Katjusa received their training from the ‘National Chinese Circus School in Beijing’. Come have fun and enjoy this unique mix of European and Mexican styles that also incorporates Chinese Fundamentals.
For more information Register

Courtesy of Baja Pony Express

NEWS & POLITICS - Mexico Offers Bounty

Mexico Offers Bounty For Reporting Money Laundering
By Joe Palazzolo

Mexico is ratcheting up its campaign against money laundering with a new program that provides whistle blowers up to one-quarter of any illicit funds or property seized by the Mexican government. People can file reports in person, by telephone or by e-mail, The  Associated Press reported. The amount of the reward will be determined by an evaluation committee on a case-by-case basis. Public servants, law enforcement and bank employees are ineligible for the program.

Although President Felipe Calderon has introduced tough anti-money laundering measures, Mexico is struggling to stem about $10 billion a year in suspicious cash flows possibly linked to drug trafficking,
according to the AP. Legislation proposed in August by the Calderon administration would make it illegal to buy real estate in cash, and would limit the purchase of  vehicles, boats, airplanes and luxury goods to 100,000 pesos in cash, or about $7,700. Violators could be sentenced to five to 15 years in  prison. The legislation is pending.

Last June, the Mexican government imposed restrictions on cash deposits  and withdrawals in U.S. dollars. Mexicans with bank accounts can deposit as much as $4,000 in cash per month; Mexicans without accounts can  exchange $300 a day up to $1,500 a month. As the Mexicans intensify their efforts, the U.S. Department of Justiceis standing up a unit of money laundering prosecutors and forfeiture  experts to concentrate on Mexican drug cartels.

ENSENADA - Freezer Fiesta II - Fishing Tournament

Freezer Fiesta II - Fishing TournamentHosted by Ronnie KovachApril 15-17, 2011
Includes 2 Days of Fishing, 2 Night Stay at Costa Baja, All Meals, Welcome Cocktails, and Round Trip Transportation from San Diego.  Fish with the "Tres Amigos"; Ronnie Kovach of FOX Sports & AM 830 Radio, Sergio Fainsztein of the Owner Hooks Fishing Schools, and Marc Higashi of Performance Tackle. Registration at the Freezer Fiesta website will open on Friday March 11 or call 702.968.2966. Availability is Limited and goes fast.

NEWS - Travel Expert Greenberg Films\Mexican Wine Region

Travel Expert Greenberg Films\Mexican Wine Region
submitted by "Kathleen" bajakt

Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor for CBS News — whose expertise is disseminated by many other media outlets, along with his film crew, were led by Adrian Ruiz and Steve Dryden through Mexico's premier wine country on March 21st and 22nd. As well, Steve was able to make arrangements with management at the Santo Tomas Winery for them to film in the wine tasting room, plus they filmed the winery's historical collection of antique winemaking equipment.

In addition, Steve selected two examples of premium wine from Baja California to pair with gourmet delights from Punta Morro Restaurant on the shore of Ensenada Bay. Sauvignon Blanc from Roganto Winery was matched with various vegetable and seafood dishes, while L.A. Cetto's 2005 Nebbiolo was
perfectly paired with lamb. Peter was impressed with the quality of Mexico's wines, and was further captivated with the diversity of gourmet cuisine
crafted by local chefs.

Steve Dryden explained to Peter and his crew how and why Ensenada has become "the Wine and Culinary Capital of Mexico." This is a promotional concept that Steve created for Ensenada, and he was happy to back up that project with facts about regional chefs and their personal relationships with winemakers, the local wine portfolio, and of course about the abundant seafood resources.

The next morning Steve guided the film crew to Adobe Guadalupe Winery, so they could meet owner Don Miller and explore his portfolio of wines. The whirlwind wine tour included a stop at the historic Russian casita tasting room at Malagon Winery, followed with scenic shots taken from the festival terrace at L.A. Cetto Winery. The day ended with another delicious lunch at Hacienda Restaurant, beautifully located under an ancient
oak grove in the midst of a retail plant nursery.

Peter Greenberg was in Mexico to film his new "Hidden Gems of Baja" series. In about three weeks an Internet campaign will be launched on Peter's website ( ), with an eight minute piece that is also to be broadcast on 400 international TV stations. Furthermore, the segment will be split into four videos to be placed on the AARP website, which enjoys 45,000,000 hits a month.

For a Baja California Wine Route map, click on "Links," and go to "Mexico Maps and Time Zones"

Steve Dryden, an international wine, food and travel writer, and filmmaker, has lived in the Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico's premier wine country, for a number of years where he also guides small group wine tours. He can be reached at . For more about the international wine culture visit .