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ENSENADA - Discover the World of Ernesto Muñoz Acosta

Discover the World of Ernesto Muñoz Acosta at CEARTE
From Connie Ellig and

"El Vuelo de mi Hermano (The Flight of my Brother)" is a must-see exposition for those who love art and those who love Mexico. The paintings, drawings and sculptures of Ernesto Muñoz Acosta, a natural-born artist now in his seventies, are extraordinary; our photos in my article about this exposition cannot do true justice to his multidimensional works. Although the main part of this exhibition -- the sculptures and large format paintings -- will be on display in CEARTE's spacious Sala Internacional until May 2, Muñoz Acosta's drawings in the lobby and Sala Muñoz Acosta will be taken down on April 19 to make way for the next exposition which will open on April 29. If you have not yet viewed "El Vuelo de mi Hermano," be sure to see it soon!

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