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NEWS - Fish Market sales up 100% over holiday

by Baja Daily News (BDN) on 04/25/11

Ensenada, One hundred percent increased sales at the Fish Market on Thursday and Friday of Holy Week, said Amaya Manuel Jasso, secretary general of the merchants of the place.
The interviewee said that the success these days is directly related to the Christian faith of Ensenada, who respect the religious traditions themselves do not eat meat.

"Thank God we as consumers have bought a lot in the days of Easter and even on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we had low sales on Thursday and Friday, we finished the fish, and yesterday we had many visitors that we bought almost the entire product, "he said.
Amaya Jasso reported that the species sold during the holy days were the shrimp, dogfish, angel, tilapia, grouper, mako and poplar, and other fish used for soup, ceviche, fried and breaded.
"We had good prices and I think that also helped us improve our sales, representing an improvement for the organized business operating in the Fish Market, thanks to this we sold a lot of fish," he reiterated.

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