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NEWS - Living Happy in Mexico

Over one million Americans living happily in Mexico - InsideMexico ran an article by Margot Lee Shetterly a few years ago on the many Americans who live in Mexico.

The article might not be recent, but the issues covered continue to be relevant. She writes on how studies show that there are more than a million American citizens living in Mexico, and as many as half-million Canadians, plus thousands of Brits, Irish, Australians and English-speakers from various other countries.

And contrary to common wisdom, these Americans moved to Mexico not only because of the cost of living advantages. No, they decided to migrate south because they are truly inspired by the Mexicans and the way they live their lives.

They are in love with Mexico!

Here are some quotes by Americans living in Mexico on their experiences and the reason behind their choice of emigrating to Mexico:

Caren Cross, 60, a painter and retired psychotherapist living in San Miguel de Allende: “I found that I could be more present, less harried, more attentive to whatever I’m doing rather than living in the past or the future. And I think Mexicans are really good at that.”

Ellen Fields, 51, and her husband James, 50, who settled in Mérida, Yucatan: “We’re from California, and our knowledge of México was really limited to the border. But when we got here, we realized we didn’t know it at all. We drove here from California and were just blown away by the beauty of México.”

Artist Michele Gibbs and writer George Colman: “We were looking for a culturally diverse place to live outside the United States…we were in Cuernavaca for the summer and heard some things about Oaxaca. Things went right immediately in Oaxaca. We had a good feeling about the place. We received a warm welcome from people here. People here open their lives up to you.”

These quotes have been taken directly from InsideMexico’s article, which you can read in full here.

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