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NEWS & POLITICS - Calderon sees border as business mid-way point

Safe border crossings, serious U.S.-Mexico partnerships, were the points for agreement during President Felipe Calderon's three day visit to the U.S. capital this week. The fourth bilateral meeting with President Obama settled that business is a two-way enterprise for economic success.

Calderon asked for an alternative approach to border security. Convinced that both sides of the border take drug cartel violence as a serious threat to citizens' safety, and a drag for commercial activities, he said his enforcement officers can gain a footing against the cartels if the U.S. reduces the flow of assault weapons and arms across the border.

As Mexico develops as a producer in the world during the easing recession, there is "a window of opportunity" for the countries to make more business partnerships and improve the region's position in the global economy, the Mexican President said on May 19, following President Obama's remarks on the White House South Lawn. The region will become "competitive and prosperous, capable of generating more and better jobs; a region that will be attractive for investments, trade exchange and tourism," he said.

He took on the challenge to make opportunity so promising for his citizens, businesses can always draw on their own for their leading workers, instead of watching the enterprising and the educated venture into the U.S.. "Mexico will one day be a country in which our people find the opportunity that today they look for from outside the country," he said.

President Obama had said, after welcoming the president and the first lady, President Felipe Calderon has been an "outstanding partner to the U.S." and "Mexico is one of our largest trading partners, with trade that supports countless jobs here in America and in Mexico." The two neighbors will expand partnerships to achieve shared prosperity.

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