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NEWS - Travel Expert Greenberg Films\Mexican Wine Region

Travel Expert Greenberg Films\Mexican Wine Region
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Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor for CBS News — whose expertise is disseminated by many other media outlets, along with his film crew, were led by Adrian Ruiz and Steve Dryden through Mexico's premier wine country on March 21st and 22nd. As well, Steve was able to make arrangements with management at the Santo Tomas Winery for them to film in the wine tasting room, plus they filmed the winery's historical collection of antique winemaking equipment.

In addition, Steve selected two examples of premium wine from Baja California to pair with gourmet delights from Punta Morro Restaurant on the shore of Ensenada Bay. Sauvignon Blanc from Roganto Winery was matched with various vegetable and seafood dishes, while L.A. Cetto's 2005 Nebbiolo was
perfectly paired with lamb. Peter was impressed with the quality of Mexico's wines, and was further captivated with the diversity of gourmet cuisine
crafted by local chefs.

Steve Dryden explained to Peter and his crew how and why Ensenada has become "the Wine and Culinary Capital of Mexico." This is a promotional concept that Steve created for Ensenada, and he was happy to back up that project with facts about regional chefs and their personal relationships with winemakers, the local wine portfolio, and of course about the abundant seafood resources.

The next morning Steve guided the film crew to Adobe Guadalupe Winery, so they could meet owner Don Miller and explore his portfolio of wines. The whirlwind wine tour included a stop at the historic Russian casita tasting room at Malagon Winery, followed with scenic shots taken from the festival terrace at L.A. Cetto Winery. The day ended with another delicious lunch at Hacienda Restaurant, beautifully located under an ancient
oak grove in the midst of a retail plant nursery.

Peter Greenberg was in Mexico to film his new "Hidden Gems of Baja" series. In about three weeks an Internet campaign will be launched on Peter's website ( ), with an eight minute piece that is also to be broadcast on 400 international TV stations. Furthermore, the segment will be split into four videos to be placed on the AARP website, which enjoys 45,000,000 hits a month.

For a Baja California Wine Route map, click on "Links," and go to "Mexico Maps and Time Zones"

Steve Dryden, an international wine, food and travel writer, and filmmaker, has lived in the Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico's premier wine country, for a number of years where he also guides small group wine tours. He can be reached at . For more about the international wine culture visit .

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