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SAN FELIPE - Casino Night Thank you!

THANK YOU ! - Friday, April 15th we had our annual charity casino night at the Pavilion. It was such a good event and I don't want to miss the opportunity to thank you all who helped, assisted and supported this event and the charity this year.

I am happy to inform you that we raised a bit over a thousand dollars for the charity, and this is thanks to all the people who donated stuff, participated, brought stuff for the auctions, etc. Remember this event was designated in pro of the Red Cross in San Felipe and the Tiburones Football team 10-12 years old.

Thanks to: Ms. and Mr. Butler, Cliff Ulman, Ricardo Perez, the whole F&B department, Judy and Bianca and Lee, Gris, Janine and her friend, Butch, Guillermo, Sharry, Robbie,Sergio, Laura, Joan, Mikey and Patricia, Patti, Russ and Sarah,Nefi, Suzanne and Ed, Lupita and Genny, Bingo Lady,Roberto, Marvin, Eve, Sandy, Ron, this couple that im sorry I don't remember your names:(, Joan, Diane, and quite a few other people who dropped gifts at our office and the people who bought tickets for our 50/50 raffle, etc. I know I may be missing a couple of names and my apology in advance.

Also I want to thank all the business that helped us out with vouchers and coupons for the auctions like: La Vaquita Restaurant, Baja chocolate Lovers, Miguel & Paco Restaurant, Road Runner, Chumpo's, Juanito restaurant, Baja Ink Tattoo, Anita's Pedicures, All our vendors from the swap meet,Tecate, Joan our chiropractor,Versoleil, Mauricio's Landscaping, California Dental & Optical, Red Lobster, etc just to mention some of them

Thanks to the Red Cross paramedics and the Tiburones team for coming on the day of the event and giving us gifts for auction.

Again I am just trying to mention as many names as I can and I hope I am not missing many of you but know that we are very thankful with all of you guys for your support on this event.

GRACIAS! - El Dorado Ranch Activities Staff

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