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SAN FELIPE - Good News Regarding Highway 5

Good News Regarding Highway 5
I would like to pass along an email I just received from Linda Garcia at the Secretary of Tourism office in San Felipe. This is great news about Highway 5 being open for Easter Week. We are fortunate to have such responsive Baja officials…a big THANK YOU to all of them. Here is the email from Linda:

"Our Stte Secretary of Tourism Lic. Juan Tintos Funcke has spoken to the State Secretary of Comunications Ramon Luke and he has assure that by this coming friday the highway will be ready for transit.
The further process of remodelation of the highway will continue after Easter Break
It is important that you know that our State Governor has made a great effort for the safety of travelers.
Please if you will be so kind to pass on the news."

Thanks again to all of you who emailed or called the Secretary of Tourism regarding Highway 5.

Summited by Vivian Scott

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  1. Friends who went north yesterday (Saturday) report just one very short detour on 5.