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SAN FELIPE - The Mark Dille 1st Annual Memorial Casino Event

ZAPP is holding its first fund raising event for the Spay/Neuter Street Project since our annual Drag Show back in January. This event will commemorate the one year anniversary of the passing of my buddy Mark Dille, a great guy who was deeply involved in Animal Rescue in San Felipe since we arrived here from California back in July of 2003.

The Event will be held at the Pavilion on El Dorado Ranch on Wednesday, May 4th, the day before the actual anniversary of his passing on Cinco de Mayo, 2010, after a long illness. The Casino Event will run from 10am-1pm, with breakfast and cocktails served by Cesar Quirarte and his amazing Pavilion kitchen and bar tending staff.

There is no cost to enter the Casino Event, however, if you care to play, we'll provide $100 worth of chips for every $10 you donate to the cause. Games of course will include, Black Jack/21, Texas Hold 'Em, Craps & Roulette and we'll have some great prizes for the winners---but most of all you'll be supporting the Spay/Neuter Project & the Indigent Animal Emergency Fund that ZAPP runs for the dogs and cats of San Felipe. More details to follow.

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