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Provide by bajakt - Kathleen from Punta Banda B.C.

Getting to know when to use the verb SER and when ESTER can take a bit of practice.
Listo is a good case of the difference your choice can make.

SER - passive verb: Ser tells you what something is, the nature of its being.
ESTER - active verb: Estar refers more to what something does.

Ser Estar
Yo / I soy estoy
Tú / You eres estás
Él, ella, usted /
He, She, You
es está
Nosotros / We somos estamos
Ellos, ellas, ustedes
Them (M/F), You guys
son están

Es una chica muy lista.
She's a very bright girl.

Es la más lista de la clase.
She's the smartest girl in the class.

But when you use it with the verb estar it means ready.

¿Están listos?
Are you ready?

Todo está ya listo para la expedición.
Everything's already ready for the expedition.

Used with estar it also has a third meaning, finished.

El trabajo tendrá que estar listo para mañana.
The job will have to be finished by tomorrow.

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