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SPANISH - Spanish Word of the Day

Spanish Word of the Day
Submitted by bajakat

verb: aconsejar: to advise; to recommend
yo - aconsejo
tú - aconsejas
nosotros - aconsejamos
vosotros - aconsejáis
él - aconseja
ellos - aconsejan
Giving or asking for advice is something we all regularly need to do.
Aconsejar, to advise, is a key word here. It can be followed by a verb

in the subjunctive:

Le aconsejé que no cambiase de trabajo.
I advised her not to change jobs.

Le aconsejaré a mi hermana que se lo piense bien.
I'll advise my sister to think it over carefully.

or in the infinitive:

El médico me aconsejó comer menos carne.
The doctor advised me to eat less meat.

If you're asking somebody for advice, you would say:

¿Qué me aconsejas?
What do you suggest?

If you want to give someone advice, notice that you just use the present
tense in Spanish, rather than the conditional.

Te aconsejo que busques ayuda.
I would advise you to get help.

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