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TODOS SANTOS - Run Away to the Circus!

Did you ever want to run off and join the Circus?
Well you don’t have to run any farther than our backyard here in Todos Santos. Teatro Luna Azul will be hosting a Beginner Circus/Acrobatic Workshop that will help total novices discover their Circus skills.

For two afternoons (Saturday April 16 and Sunday April 17, 2011) two highly skilled and talented Acrobatists, Dulce Chavez from Mexico and Katjusa Kovacic from Eastern Europe will be teaching partners acrobatics (two people balancing one above the other), floor acrobatics (Basic tumbling, handstand and stretching) aerial acrobatics on the hoop and silks. There will also be some theater skills taught by Director Isabel Smyth to help budding performers create characters and improve their overall performance. Everything within a safe and professional environment.

Both Dulce and Katjusa received their training from the ‘National Chinese Circus School in Beijing’. Come have fun and enjoy this unique mix of European and Mexican styles that also incorporates Chinese Fundamentals.
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Courtesy of Baja Pony Express

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