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BGLC DISCOUNT - Casa Cóctel Refugio de Libación

BGLC DISCOUNT - Casa Cóctel Refugio de Libación
La Paz, BCS Mexico
BGLC MEMBER DISCOUNT: 2 x 1 on any beverage including cocktails, wine, coffee, loose leaf teas, sodas, & beer when you order snacks.

Casa Coctel is a unique bar licensed in a private home. The bar service is by reservation only with a small snack menu every night, including items such as homemade desserts, housemade pickles, and a cheese plate with bread, dried fruit, nuts and artisanal quesos. Overnight stays and full dining service require 48 hour advance reservation and 50% non-refundable deposit. Our room rates are figured on an individual basis depending on guest/client needs. Pets and children are welcome. We don't give a rip whether you are gay, straight, crooked, brown, black, purple, red, yellow, pasty white, or what you worship.

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